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How to Create a Facebook Cover Video

This article is a guide to the most intriguing question, “how to create a Facebook cover video,” which you should post on your personal “About” page. It will share some critical tips and tricks for professional Facebook cover videos, including how to choose a graphic image, what your video should contain, and how you can simplify this process.

First things first why should you post a video on your Facebook profile? The short answer: a Facebook cover video is a perfect opportunity to show your fans and potential customers who you are, what you do, and establish a professional YouTube-style brand identity. To better showcase that brand image, you must choose the right video image to represent yourself. This is how to create a Facebook cover video. 

Videos work well on social media because they catch people’s attention. People are more likely to stop and watch a video than to read a Facebook status or tweet, and that gives you, as the content creator, more opportunity to engage with your audience, just like Pinterest.

Tips for How to Create a Facebook Cover Video

It’s also essential that your Facebook cover video is authentic because people will take notice when they see you being yourself on the video. That’s why your videos should be created to tell a story — it gets attention because it’s interesting to watch.

If you want to probe more into Facebook cover video, here are some useful tips & tricks for creating a compelling short YouTube-style video. We tell you more about cover videos than the Facebook communities

1. Choose an Image for Facebook Cover Video

This is the tip#1 for how to create a Facebook cover video.

To post your Facebook cover video, you’ll need to choose an image that is 100% appropriate for the brand. The image needs to show the type of business you are, and it should represent your brand. For instance, if you have a company blog with a few hundred followers, you might use an image of yourself with something from your blog, like a recipe or a picture of how you fit into your brand (such as a cat in its owner’s lap). 

Even if you know how to create a Facebook cover video, posting is equally important. When posting your video, make sure that your image is already selected before the video loads. If you don’t have a picture yet, you can use a blog post screenshot, but try not to embed an entire blog post in the Facebook cover video. The cover video should be 10-30 seconds long, so no more than two or three blog posts should be used.

Within the Cover Video Creator app, you can find an Image Library that allows you to view all of the images that are part of your page’s content. This is a great tool that can help you know how to create a Facebook cover video. You can plan your Facebook cover video before you create it and pick out the image that you want to use for your video. The photos in this section are all public and available for you to use on your page.

The Image Library also allows you to view different versions of an image, so if you’re not satisfied with the first one, or if you have other ideas about what should be on your cover photo, then go ahead and click on another option. You can also drag the image from the Image Library to a different section on your page.

2. Create the Video for Facebook Cover Video

This is another tip for you to know how to create a Facebook cover video. Once you have your image, make sure that it is in full view before the video loads. While you don’t have to have a vast, glorious opening for your video, it should be intriguing enough to grab people’s attention. It’s always good to start with an engaging intro that will encourage people to keep watching. Then, you can talk about your business and what you’re doing.

Now, if you are wondering how to create a Facebook cover video that is personal to you, then it must sound natural. If it happens to be a more professional video, you may want to consider using industry jargon and terminology whenever possible. Just be careful not to go overboard with the lingo. The main intention behind this video is to get people interested in your product or service, not harping on the fact that you have something new or different from the rest of the crowd.

You also want to ensure that your video is shorter than 30 seconds. Anything longer than 30 seconds becomes a problem because users are likely to click away after only a few seconds. Isn’t it a cool insight for you to know how to create a Facebook cover video?

3. Include Your Branding for Facebook Cover Video

The fundamental answer to anyone who asks how to create a Facebook cover video is to select a place to put the picture of yourself and your branding mark. You can choose the photo from within the Image Library, but you should at all times ensure that it is obvious, so check it now and then during the video’s progress. The image should also be able to stand on its own as a cover photo for your page.

Make sure that the video is branded by displaying the name of your business somewhere on the video. When you think about it, every time someone watches your video, they will only see a small section of it – no more than 30 seconds – so you may want to write your business name in big letters somewhere in the first frame of the video. This way, people will remember your business immediately after they’ve seen it. You are going right with these tricks for how to create a Facebook cover video!

Some brands even add a logo or a graphic to the video. The point is to make sure that your brand is evident, as this will be the only way for people to recognize your business if they have never heard of you before.

4. The Final Step: Post Your Facebook Cover Video

Once you’re done with your video, all that’s left is to post it. This is relatively simple and can be done from within the Cover Video Creator app itself. The first step is to type your story or blog post into the box next to the video. Then, for your video to be shared on Facebook, you’ll need to click Share and add a title.

Keep reading to know more about how to create a Facebook cover video. Once you’ve added your title, all that’s left is to click the big orange button and post it. Your video will then be uploaded to Facebook, and you can start telling people about your product or service. On that note, do you know how to use tags about your product on Instagram? Check out. 

Wrapping up

The bottom line is that if you implement these tips, then your Facebook cover video will be better than those of any other business on Facebook. It will be engaging, interesting, fast-paced, and relevant to your audience. It will, in short, be reasonable.

Your Facebook cover video will be what people see every time they visit your page, so it’s important not to skimp on the quality of the image. Hope the blog gives you more clarity on how to create a Facebook cover video. Find an image that is as visually appealing as possible (but also relevant), and that watches well when slowed down. The ideal shot conveys a sense of your brand while also being visually attractive.

Have any questions or suggestions about the Facebook Cover Video Guide? Let us know in the comments!

Vishal Prajapati
Vishal Prajapati
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