Terms & Conditions


Like any other website, we have also set some terms & conditions to use our website which need to be followed by visitors. 

Below mentioned terms & conditions will completely affect the use of the website “Smartphone Crunch”. To access the website, you need to agree to and accept all the terms and conditions mentioned here. In case you disagree with the standard terms and conditions, your permission to use the website or any material related to it will be dismissed. Kindly read the following terms & conditions carefully to leverage the services offered by the website and hassle-free access. 

Restrictions To Use Our Website

You’re strictly restricted to do the below-mentioned things. If you’re found doing such restricted things, you will be suited or fined accordingly. Restrictions include-  

  • Copying and using the content published on the website for personal use.
  • Selling, sharing, publishing, modifying and commercializing any website material such as logo, pictures etc.
  • Using the website with the aim of damaging or destroying. 
  • Engaging (directly or indirectly) in data mining, data transferring, data extracting, or any other similar activities related to this website. 
  • Using the Website, Website link, or any other website-related material for any advertising or marketing without permission. 
  • Any activity that can cause harm to the website and its aim, and breaching of laws and regulation. 

Additionally, the use of the website is prohibited for minors as the website may sometimes contain information that can divert children’s concentration. 

On the other hand, the website “Smartphone Crunch” reserves all the right to monitor and manage (remove) all the activities, such as comments, happening on the website, if found inappropriate, offensive, and cause a breach of terms and conditions.

Your access to the website will be prohibited immediately if found with offensive, harmful, and indecent intention.

Above all, website use should include the reading and collecting information purpose only.