Top 10 Best Free Android Games That You Can Play With Friend Right Now

Best Free Android Games

There are thousands of free games for Android, but it is increasingly rare to find some best free android games that come with promising entertainment. Today’s games are similar to business models, completely disguised as entertainment, and are so much obsessed with ads, energy meters, and itchy in-app purchase pop-ups. They are more like an eCommerce app than android games. Therefore, they aren’t worth the effort in researching.

Luckily, there are some honest developers in the market that can relate to every gamer craving to experiencing something like never before. If you are looking for some best online games for Android, you don’t need to look forward anymore. We have shortlisted the top 15 best free Android games that you can play with your friends right now. However, a few of these would have ads or other limitations, but the gameplay is worth trying once. Let’s keep the conversation short and explore the best free games for Android phones.

Most addictive Best Free Android Games Right Now

Here are the best online games for Android, based on last year’s ranking and downloads. Get a bunch of them and have fun!


Kicking off the list of the Best Free Android Games with the best mobile game of 2020. Player’s Unknown Battle Ground a.k.a. PUBG is undoubtedly an ultimate package of entertainment bound to the spirits of a true gamer. Packed with 8+ different modes, weekly and monthly events, PUBG features amazing sets of weapons and vehicles. It opens with exciting gameplays that you can enjoy in multiplayer, duo, or solo.

Genre: Battle Royale – Shooter Game

Size: 1.6 GB

Offered by: Tencent Games

2- Clash Royale

If you think Clash of Clans was addictive enough, you must try Clash Royale at least once. One of the Best Free Android Games of the last 5 years, Clash Rolaye is based on the same theme but amplifies the actions and excitement by letting you participate in battles frequently. From collecting the best deck cards to efforts to smash inferno and rival towers, Clash Royale bounds to an outstanding gaming experience.

Genre: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena and Tower Defense

Size: 126MB

Offered by: Supercell

3- Pokemon Go

The gamer’s sensation in 2018, Pokemon Go is one of the best free android games that goes beyond traditional mobile games. It breaks the stratosphere by introducing Nintendo’s naughty monsters to smartphone screens. Following and capturing nearby Pokemon’s in Augmented Reality is the newest yet most immersive Android Gaming Experience of all times. With an amazing concept, it was ranked one of the best online games for Android in 2018.

Genre: Augmented Reality – Free-to-play Game

Size: Varies with device

Offered by: Niantic, Inc.

4- Real Racing 3

Do you love racing games? If yes, here is another from the Best Free Android Games that puts a tough comprehensive simulation-style driving experience on your smartphone. With more than 100 amazing licensed cars available on entry-level, Real Racing 3 is too good for time pass.

Genre: Racing Game

Size: 50MB


5- Vainglory

Why should PC games have all the actions? The days are gone when League of Legends and Dota 2 were only considered action games. Vainglory’s unique philosophy wraps around the team-centric design of free-to-play PC games. One of the best free Android games, Vainglory puts no restriction on playtime.

Genre: Multiplayer online battle arena mobile games

Size: 35MB

Offered by: Super Evil Megacorp

6- Gogogo

As the name suggests, Gogogo is an amazing multiplayer game available on Android. With wonderfully engaging graphics and sticky tales, it wins 6th place on our list of the best free Android Games. If you are getting bored, you can download and start playing this right now.

Genre: Island Survival Game

Size: 49MB

Offered by: Robert Thomson

7- Monolisk

This stimulating action RPG game is not familiar with the players in the west, but with an amazing story and concept, it marks our list of the best free android games. It was recently upgraded to introduce an all-new range of features like deck cards and spells.

Genre: Action role-playing game

Size: 95MB

Offered by: Trickster Arts

8- Sage Solitaire

Now don’t say that you never played this before. In fact, all 90s kids have played this on their computers. One of the best free games for Android, Sage Solitaire comes over traditional card games with a whole new concept. The new version of challenging, clever yet engaging.

Genre: Free-to-play card game

Size: 37MB

Offered by: Solitaire Classic Ltd.

9- Rumble Stars

A strategy-sports game, Rumble Stars stands alone among the best free android games. When it comes to our favorite game, we come up with their perfect fusion of strategy system, pick-up, and playful sport. This android game is all about a creative, colorful, and engaging storyline so that you can keep playing for hours without getting bored.

Genre: Sport, strategy, free-to-play Game

Size: 125MB

Offered by: Frogmind

10- FIFA 16

A list of the best free Android Games cannot complete without having any soccer game on it. The all-new Fifa 16 is the latest version of Fifa 15, one of the best games on the list earlier. The best thing about this game is the team mode, which partners on-the-pitch actions with a card deck. The cheers on each goal will inspire you to continue the session of joy and jubilance. 

Genre: Sports video Game

Size: 89MB


These are the top 10 best free Android games that are widely played around the world. If you are getting bored, just download these and experience an ultimate gaming experience from your smartphone.

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