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Useful Tips About How To Play Gomoku Online And Offline

Gomoku is a traditional board game that initially originated in Japan. But the modernisation and expansion of technology in our daily life have made Gomoku a popular online game as well. However, it is not easy to play the game without detailed information regarding it. With our detailed guide on how to play Gomoku, you can easily win the game among your friends and your family. 

Typically Gomoku is a strategic abstract board game also known as five in a row. Traditionally it was played in Japan on board with black and white stones. The size of the board is 15 x 15 columns and rows. And you can place the board on a table before playing it with a competent. 

However the game may sound like chess, but it is nowhere close to chess in any way, other than the black and white pieces. This board game was played with different names all around the world, and due to its popularity among the players, online Gomoku was launched as an application for mobile games and laptops. With the increased popularity online, many people reviewed that the game is a bit difficult to play. If you are also worried about, how to play Gomoku or just want to polish your skills further, this guide about how to play Gomoku is perfect for you. 

Tips About How To Play Gomoku 

Unlike every other game available online, Gomoku is a strategic game that triggers the reasoning and arithmetic part of your brain. Gomoku along with some other government-approved games are considered great to be child friendly and increase the elasticity of the brain.  

You can easily download these games on your phone and learn how to play Gomoku and these games within no time. It would just involve some practice and this guide will help you out in stressful moves of the game. Here are some best tips on how to play Gomoku online and offline –¬†

1. Try To Know Your Opponent Well 

Whether playing online or offline, it is important to be smarter than your opponent in the game. If you are wondering how to play Gomoku while having a match you may lose your chance. SO, know your opponent and work according to their strategy. If you can figure out how your opponent is playing the game, you can easily win your chances. 

2. Challenge The Player 

If you want to learn how to play Gomoku, remember that practise can make you perfect. And always playing with the same player can be boring and monotonous, so try to challenge 

the opponent and learn about new tactics that way. 

3. Focus On Your Weakness 

In the process of learning about how to play Gomoku, you have to focus and outpower your weakness. Once you recognise what are your weak points, try to hide them while playing the game so that your opponents must not get a hint about it. 

4. Take Time Before Playing Your Move 

Never play a game in haste if your want to learn how to play Gomoku and win it. Try to think about your move before making it, think of the possible consciences and then take advantage. This way you can surely win Gomoku whether you are playing online or offline. 

5. Use The Time Of Your Opponent

When you play Gomoku online there is a limited time slot to make your move. You can use the time of your opponent to think about your next move if you want to win the game. This brings us to the next very important tip on how to play Gomoku.  

6. Pay Special Attention To Your First 10 Moves 

When you start the game of Gomoku it is important to look after the first 10 moves very attentively. Most people who do not know how to play Gomoku well would play carelessly at the start of the game and that would not end up good. So, try to pay full attention while making your first move as these moves would be enough for you to win the game completely. 

7. Stop The Opponent From Scoring More Than 4 

If you are new to the game and do not how to play Gomoku, remember that every player has to make a line with 4 stones or pieces. And whoever makes the first line wins the game easily. While trying to win the game, you should play in the attacking mode if the opponent is going to win his/her shot. This way you can get more chances of winning finally. 

8. Keep Your Physical And Mental Attention On The Game 

Many times players of Gomoku are present in the game physically but are thinking about something else or worrying about their other work. This could be your point to lose the game. To really know about how to play Gomoku like a pro,  keep your mind as attentive as your body and if you are paying full focus on the game you would definitely win the game. 

9. Be Creative Work On Your Aggressive Strategy As Well 

While playing the game of Gomoku, it is good to focus on your winning chances, but if your opponent is a good player you can be creative as well and change your gaming style to attacking and aggressive strategy. This doesn’t mean you would start cussing or shouting at the opponent. You just have to play your cards the way that your opponent losses his/her chance. You can put your stones in his way so he/she is not able to make the next move fluently. This guide about how to play Gomoku would make you a pro player among your peers.¬†

10. Respect Your Opponent And Keep Calm While Playing The Game 

However, it is necessary to win the game if you know how to play Gomoku, but there are times when you may lose the game or your opponent may lose the game. You must respect your opponent in both conditions and keep calm in the game. This can helpful for you as you can learn from your shortcomings and wins as well. 

The game of Gomoku is not only for entertainment but it is well designed to help your brain think strategically. This can increase your concentration power and attentiveness. So, learn how to play Gomoku to win every game with perfection.  

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