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Best Free Adventure Games for iPhone To Download

Some enjoy their free time streaming web series, whereas a few love playing adventure games. If you have a soft corner for adventure games, we have shortlisted the best free adventure games for iPhone. 

With the high-definition display and huge screen size, the iPhone has the perfect configuration to play adventure games. While there are plenty of puzzle games, shooting games, racing games available on the internet, adventure games are loaded with excitement, suspense, and puzzles. 

So if you have an iPhone and adventure games are what impress you the most, check out the list of best free adventure games for iPhone we have shortlisted for you. If you have any confusion about what adventure games are, clear your doubts first. Also know the types of adventure games. 

What Are Adventure Games?

Adventure games are simply a video game in which the player plays a protagonist in an interactive story aimed to solve puzzles. Many adventure games are designed for single players, multiplier adventure games are a little difficult because of their characters. 

Types of Adventure Games

  • Point-click-adventure games
  • Escape the room adventure games
  • Puzzle adventure games
  • Narrative adventure games
  • Walking simulators

Do you like to explore new worlds? Do you like games where you need tricks to resolve the stories? Adventurous games are something for you. If you have an iPhone and are not in favor of playing paid games, keep reading to find out the best free adventure games for iPhone. 

What are the best Adventure Games for iPhone?

Choosing the best iPhone games free online was never so easy for us as there are plenty of online games available on the internet. To finalize the list of best iPhones games for free 2021, we have gone through many plots. Finally, we have found a few best free adventure games for iPhone that are a perfect pass time for gamers.

Let’s talk no more and explore the list of adventure games. 

1. The Silent Age

The time when adventure games click to mind, The Silent Age is one of the great options on the list of best free adventure games for iPhone. In this game, you will travel between two time periods- the golden age “70s” and the future. The fun doesn’t only end here, the hero will encounter some obstacles that need to be overcome smartly. Maybe because of traveling between two periods, it is one of the best free iPhone games to pass time.  

The Best

  • Simple but effective graphic 
  • Traveling between two time periods is exciting
  • Game has fun and creepy vibes

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2. The Room

Looking for the best free adventure games for iPhone to play with your friends this weekend? The Room might fit the list. The game is simple enough to understand: You’ll be in the room with a closet and your goal is to open that. Don’t worry, you’ll get the help in the room. You will find special sunglasses in the room that will help you to see the object that would otherwise go unseen. The game is addictive and quickly draws the attention of gamers with impressive graphics. It is one of the best iPhone games free available on the internet. 

The Best

  • Graphics attracts the mood effectively
  • Among the best free iPhone games to time pass
  • Simple enough concept

3. Machinarium

When you look for the best puzzle adventure games iPhone, Machinarium is the most interesting game on the list. Also recognized as one of the best free adventure games for iPhone, the story of this game is wrapped in beautiful artwork. The concept of the game is based on an old school. The game is packed with a couple of puzzles that are quite easy to addict you. The game without dialogues is not boring at all, in fact, it offers a unique experience  

The Best

  • Dialogue-free graphics
  • Attractive story
  • Impressive art and pleasant music in the background

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4. The Wolf Among Us

More like an animated film, The Wolf Among Us is one of the best free adventure games for iPhone. The game has an amazing atmosphere, great sophistication, and stunning graphics. The main concern of the games is to protect the fairy creatures. The game is interesting enough, but bear in mind, it is not for young children. It has vulgarity and violence. Among other best adventure games for the iPhone, Wild Among us is worth playing. 

The Best

  • Stunning graphics
  • Engaging game
  • Good variety of puzzles

5. The Tiny Bang Story

The entire story of the game is full of puzzles, maybe this is the reason it is one of the most interesting and best free adventure games for iPhone. The Tiny Bang Story depicts life on a tiny planet after a meteor crashes on the ground. The hidden small pieces of the meteor splash on the ground and you will have to collect those objects with your sharpened eyes. There is no dialogue in the game yet delivers an excellent experience. This is one of the best games for free 2021 as it is the perfect family game.  

The Best

  • Beautiful artwork
  • Impressive puzzles and difficulty level
  • Interesting combination of hidden objects and solving puzzles.

6. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter probably requires no introduction as we have grown up watching the Harry Potter sequel. The story is full of adventure and suspense; you are probably aware if you have watched the movie. You have been enrolled in Hogwarts school of Witchcrafts and Wizardry where you have to learn magic. When you have to select the best free adventure games for iPhone, it is a perfect choice. The interesting fact is you need to explore the castle and investigate ancient mysteries. 

The Best

  • Completely unique game
  • Keep gamers engaging and alert
  • Solving mysteries is fun

7. Temple Run 2

When it comes to the best free adventure games for iPhone, the list would be incomplete without Temple Run 2. It is one of the most popular and best free adventure games of all time. There will hardly be anyone who isn’t aware of this game. With so much fun, endless running and jumping, while confronting several hurdles like cliffs, zip lines, and mines, Temple Run 2 deserves to be on the list of best iOS adventure games 2021. 

The Best 

  • New obstacles added time to time
  • Collection of gems is fun
  • Interesting and engaging game

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From various options, these are the best free adventure games for iPhone. Guessing you have chosen the most fantasy game from the list. Harry Potter and Temple Run 2 appealed to us the most. Share your experience about these games and also suggest your friends and family. We can bet these are the best iPhone games to pass time ever.

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