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10 Best Racing Games For Android and iOS That You Must Try

In the world of adventure and combat games, if you could name just two of the best racing games, we would consider you a real fan of driving games. From drag races to straight runs in limited time, racing games brought the enthusiasm of gaming to a whole new level. 

An extremely competitive genre among the gaming community, racing games opens into a ton of opportunities to virtually play with the accelerometer and steering wheel to drag and jump supercars over the shelves.

If you are excited for a flashback, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best racing games that you can enjoy on Android and iOS phones. Let’s get back to the most pleasing time of everyone’s life – the gaming time!

Best Driving Games To Start Playing Right Now

10 Best Racing Games

Blue, Red or Yellow, choose one from the list or customize your own lamborghini, these free racing games open into another dimension to upgrade your enjoyment and recreation. Gauge through the most famous best racing games right now.

1. Asphalt 9: Legends or Xtreme

One of the most popular racing games, Asphalt 9: Legends is the latest game from the Gameloft’s Asphalt series. With immersive graphics, varieties of cars and lots of actions, Asphalt 9: Legends comes with over 800 events and races based on monthly and weekly basis. While Asphalt 9: Legends is entertaining the gaming community thoroughly, Asphalt 8: Airborne is still active and can be enjoyed on both Android and iOS.

2. Beach Buggy Racing 2

Similar to Mario Kart, Beach Buggy Racing 2 is one of the best racing games to play on Android or iOS. Designed as a Kart driving game, Beach Buggy Racing 2 comes with special features and abilities that makes it perhaps the finest driving game for all ages of players. From online multiplayer, PvP to various customizations and various gaming modes, it consists of everything that would make it perfect for you. 

3. CSR Racing 2

With a wide car collection, the CSR Racing 2 is one of the most popular racing games in the world. It is drag racing games which boosts the enthusiasm to a whole new level of placement with multiple upgrades and features to be unlocked. Besides outstanding graphics, you get hundreds of impressive and powerful supercars to be played with. One of the free driving games online, CSR may include in-game purchase so be aware of any purchase.

4. Copa Petrobras de Marcas

An immersive gaming version of Brazilian car races, Copa Petrobras de Marcas is designed & developed by the Reiza Studio. It features some of the best and most expensive race tracks across Brazil and supercars to enjoy drag and droom race over there. With a free SIM to minimize skimping and handling, one of the best racing games, Copa Petrobras opens into an amazing world of adventure and speed.

5. Victory: The Age of Racing

As the name suggests, it is one of the most popular racing games in the world of the last decade. Though it wasn’t reviewed well in the beginning, later it got some major upgrades and people started loving it for its impressive graphics and a ton of customizations. Designed in a simcade style with a combination of style, realism and immersive visuals, Victory: The Age of Racing is unquestionably the best driving games in the world.

6. Dirt Trackin’ 2

If you don’t believe us, you must watch it’s YouTube trailer and it will leave you speechless with its drifts and drag sound that goes dynamically. Dirt Trackin’ 2 is one of the best racing games in the world which comes with a ton of exciting features including multiple cards, career modes, customization and so on. Uplifting the traditional machines and players, it sports immersive graphics and features making it one of the best driving games on the list. All you are gonna love about this racing game is the customization of machines.

Free Driving Games

7. GRID Autosport

A sequel to a popular racing game for PC, GRID Autosport was awarded one of the best games in 2019. It comes with 100+ amazing cars and various modes and events to be participated into. Designed to be played solo, one of the best racing games in the world offers a ton of customizations. Additionally, it is one of the easiest games that you can try for recreation or entertainment.


If you have been looking for impressive and eye-catching racing games full of features, RACER might be the most perfect option for you. It is perfectly designed to please the gamer looking for originally designed games. Talking about the customization, RACER comes with thousands of cars and track customizations. Interestingly, you can create your own content using the tools on its main site and enjoy your personally designed driving game.

9. Hill Climb Racing 2

You must have played its previous version which includes multiple cars and pickup trucks climbed over different tracks and routes. But the second version got lots of upgrades and became one of the best racing games for Android and iOS. All you have to do is climb over different landscapes against your opponent and that’s it. It sounds easy but the shortage of fuel might interrupt your entertainment and that’s where it becomes tough. You can get this game on both Play Store and App Store as well.

10. Real Racing 3

Coming in at the last among the best racing games of this year, the Real Racing 3 is one of the most realistic games that were ever designed. Full of immersive content, excellent graphics and controls, it comes with over 2000 different events and 100+ cars that are customizable.

Sporting outstanding features, these are some of the best driving games that you must try at least once in your lifetime. If you are getting bored, and want to try something above driving games, check out these best free Android Games.


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