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Simple Methods On How To Loop A Video On iPhone

Have you seen loop videos on social media and wondered how to create them? Don’t worry; we have got this covered. In this post, we will discuss how to loop a video on iPhone. 

Loop videos or looping is the process of repeating photos or videos after an uncertain period of time in a way that looks continuous when played. Loop videos have become popular ever since Instagram rolled out Boomerang. These days people have become too creative and are coming up with innovative videos to post on their social media accounts, especially reels on Instagram. 

This makes people search for how to loop a video on iPhone because the iPhone is known for its high-end camera and always updates its features in order to provide crisp and fine pictures. 

There are several methods to create looping videos on iPhone. We will be discussing them one after the other in the next section. Let’s start reading the guide! 

Looping videos on iPhone: what you can do with your picture and videos

Live photos, Boomerang, or other short videos, there are several ways to create loop videos on iPhone 11, 12 or 13. Learn how to loop a video on iPhone in different methods in the following section. 

How to convert live photos into loop video on iPhone?

If you use an iPhone, you must be aware of the Live photos feature. You can convert iPhone Live photos into loop videos simply by following the below-mentioned instructions. 

  • First, you should have a live photo on your phone, click if you do not have one.

Note: Go to your camera app, and click on the Live photo icon available at the top right corner of the screen. Now you have a Live photo, here is how to loop a video on iPhone.

  • Go to the Live photo and select a photo that you want to loop. 
  • Tap on the Loop icon located in the left-right corner. 
  • Select “LOOP”. The Live photo has been converted into a Loop video. 
  • Save the picture to share it on social media. 

This is the best way on how to loop a video on iPhone without an app. Now learn other methods. 

How to convert Boomerang into a loop video on iPhone?

If you want to learn how to loop a video on iPhone using Boomerang, here are the steps you need to follow. 

  • Launch a Boomerang app to shoot a short clip, or you can create it through Instagram and save it to your gallery. 
  • Now share it on your social media and have fun. 

How to create loop videos using a third-party app on iPhone?

You can install several apps on your iPhone or iPad to create a loop video. Creating interesting videos is simple with apps like Loopideo, Loop Video, Loopideo Pro, etc.

Loopideo – Loop Videos 

Searching for how to loop a video on iPhone? Third-party apps like Loopideo are a great way. It lets you import any video from your gallery that you want to convert into a loop video. Follow on-display instructions to create a loop video.

Loop Video – GIF Maker

The second app is Loop Video – GIF Maker. It is fun and easy to use. The app creates loop videos by turning them into GIFs. You can import the content from the gallery, choose the speed of the loop and upload it to your social media. 

Loopideo Pro

The third app that comes to mind when we think about how to loop a video on iPhone is Loopideo Pro. This app allows you to choose a format to convert the video into a loop video. With this app, you can make unlimited loop videos. 

Loop videos are fun. It impresses and engages your audience. Creating loop videos with an iPhone is easy. Hopefully, you get an idea of how to loop a video on iPhone. 

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