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Zombie Game Download For PC and Android: Play Free

Who wants to kill zombies? For this, you need to download Zombie games for PC and Android. Don’t miss to check this post created on Zombie Game Download for a range of games for different devices. 

Zombie games can be lots of fun and an addictive game as it manages to have almost every genre that you can think of. From most popular niches, shooters and survival, the category has plenty of games to play that can be downloaded on the PC or Android. 

In this post, we are sharing a list of the best Zombie games for PC and Android. Choose the procedure for Zombie game download according to your device preference. 

Best Zombie game download for PC

Playing Zombie games on PC can be a lot of fun. A large screen gives you a better experience and enhances your enjoyment of playing Zombie games. From Zombie Army 4: Dead War to Plants Vs. Zombie, we shuffle you through the best Zombie games. 

Zombie Army 4: Dead War

When it comes to Zombie game downloads, Zombie Army 4 is the latest entry. Following the body-exploding formula in previous Zombie Army games, this fourth version of the series is as riotous as it’s bloody. Zombie Army 4: Dead War brings two friends and Zombie Army together. This series became a masterpiece because of the unique gaming experience it delivers. Zombie game download for Windows 7 now! 

Plants Vs. Zombies

Plant Vs. Zombies is a completely different Zombie game. As the name suggests, the game will provide you entirely two experiences – horror, obviously, and horticulture, which is totally unexpected. With incredibly tight gameplay, hours of challenges and plant growing fun. Plants Vs. Zombies is one of the finest games for Zombie game download. 

Dying Light

Have you ever thought that a Zombie survival game download is possible on PC? Well, Techland did it, and Dying Light is the result. Dying light isn’t about survival, it is about turning the tables and becoming a hunter. Those who are using Windows 10, have good news and can ‘Zombie game download for Windows 10.’     


The list of games is incomplete without mentioning Minecraft. Minecraft is the heart of the Zombie survival games. The theme of the game is all about castles and giants. There are a few moments as terrifying as hell. You need to find your way back to the light. Minecraft Zombies may just be a couple of blocks, but when in the dark and when you are alone, they become something more terrifying.  

Resident Evil 2

Search Zombie game download free on the internet, and you will find Resident Evil 2 on the list of Zombie games. Released in 2019, and since then, it has been counted as the most popular Zombie game. Resident Evil 2 is something better than its parts. If you want a single-player horror experience, Resident Evil 2 is your game.  

Best Zombie game download for Android

We agree that playing Zombie games on PC is fun, but if you want to play them on your Android phone? This list lets you ‘Zombie game download for Android’.  

Dead Trigger 2 

Dead Trigger 2 is counted as one of the older Zombie games. However, the game maintains its popularity even today. Dead Trigger 2 features a metric ton of missions, decent graphics and pretty good first-person graphics. It also offers a bunch of missions, hardware controller support and plenty of weapons to collect. As we mentioned earlier, it is an older game, but it is still better than new Zombie games. If you are looking for ‘Zombie game download for Android’, this is perhaps what you need. 

Kill Shot Virus 

If you are searching for ‘Zombie game download free’, your search ends at Kill Shot Virus. Not only is it free, but it is comparatively better than other Zombie games. Featuring decent graphics, shooter control, multiplayer content and leaderboards, Kill Shot Virus is the best for Zombie game download and play. 

Last Day On Earth

Last Day On Earth meets your Zombie survival game download demands. It is an excellent survival game with a Zombie shooter, adventure, and open-world elements. It also features seasonal landscape, crafting elements and plenty of extra stuff to do. The game is enjoyable enough, and it is a freemium game in any case. 

Into The Dead 2

If you are looking for a newer Zombie game download for Android, Into The Dead 2 is something you should think of. The game features a bunch of missions, challenges and even dog companions. The graphics of this Zombie game are pretty decent. It is a casual game and a free game to download. 

Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect is a decent series, and Dead Effect 2 is the most popular game on the list. It has beautiful and engaging graphics. While playing this game, you will be shooting down hazards of Zombies, monsters and all kinds of other sci-fi creatures. When you think of the Zombie game download for Android, Dead Effect 2 will cater to your gaming needs. There is a lot to do in this game – more than 100 implants to upgrade your character and over 40 weapons to use against the devils. It is overall 30 hours of gameplay that will make you fully entertained. 

No matter what device you have, we helped you with Zombie game download for PC and Android. Download the best Zombie game on your PC or Android phone and enjoy your weekend with your cousins and friends at home. If you have already experienced these games, let us know your experience in the comment section. 

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