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Total War Games Ranked Per Their Popularity

It can be hard for true gamers like us to rank the best war games. Of course, everyone has their likes and dislikes, and so we have. But the list of “Total War Games Ranked” is, of course, unbiased.

Total war is a comprehensive series of strategy-based games developed by Creative Assembly for personal computers. The best thing is that the games are designed with turn-based ideology, resource management, and real-time tactical controls of battles and wars.

Total War Games Ranked

Creative Assembly has created 13 games spanned over 19 years with a mix of history and adventures. Here are the best Total war games ranked per their popularity and the connectivity with their fans.

It has been 21 years since the strategy-based gaming series portraying the history of empires and wars. Below, you will find the total war games ranked from their initial days, the very recent ones. 


This might not be the biggest or most popular one, but we ranked it first among the total war games. The glorious combat scenes and animations at the backdrop of Samurai settings build a perfect entry point into the Total War world. Unlike its patches through history and AI failings, Shogun 2 is one of the longest-standing series right now.

Intimate settings have contributed a lot to create a theme-centric experience. What doubles the experience is its distinct theme uprooting the history-war-mixed themes. In Shogun 2, spear-wielding farmers are pitting against the Tommy guns and ironclads, making it a perfect entry among the total war games ranked.


If we put this straight into the top spots, the readers might have tagged us ‘Biased,’ but it’s one of the incredibly successful total war games ranked. As the settings excellently land into how the Total War works, the developers at Creative Assembly have worked hard to shade “Three Kingdoms” a little differently.

The hype creator is that it has by far the best diplomacy among other total war games ranked. People liked the 5 Wu Xing element structure, which adds a little more complexity and depth to the carried forward total war’s rock-paper-scissor technique.


Of course, it hit like turbulence when Warhammer 2 was first launched. At the initial stage, it seems like so much a stupid idea. Still, we must say, from its widely impressive map to its appealing endgame settings & scenarios, Warhammer 2 is undoubtedly an epic creation from the house of Creative Assembly.

If you are a total newcomer to the Total War game series, Warhammer 2 is absolutely worth playing, especially if you’ve already tried strategy games and are looking for a mix of all (adventure, war, craftsmanship, battle, and strategy formation).


Empire is one of the most popular total war games ranked on the list. The prime reason for its prominence is that it was the first game in the Total War Game series to develop modern-looking 3D engines and 3D naval battles. Though some old Total War fans might be disappointed seeing Empire so high on this list, we put it among the best Total War Games Ranked for its flaws and a vast map.

An utterly unique trait of this series is its focus on melee combat in favour of muskets. Besides the impressive visuals and animations, the battles were better and looked engaging enough. However, the story could be the opposite if Napoleon were much more polished. It surely deserves a place among the total war games ranked, of course, on the best side.


Released in 2016, Total War: Warhammer has changed the concept of Total War, giving it an entry among the Total War Games ranked. It turned the whole series in a bold, fresh fantasy-fuelled direction, packed with a range of faction mechanics at a more aggressive level than ever, and reformed its aesthetics with the significant engine overhauls.

With the widely successful engine and the credit-holder for the ongoing revolution in the Total War era, it surely deserves a place among the best total war games ranked. Besides its competition with the most advanced 21st century Total War games, Warhammer is still an excellent game, believing in simple but better sequels.


If we talk about the purest form of melee battlefield combat in a gaming series, Medieval 2 is surely one of the best Total War Games Ranked. An archaic strategy construction levels down its modern gameplay. Though it is kind of a shame because Medieval 2 was the last moddable of Total War, and such wild projects are still missing, including the Lord of the Rings Total, which would be really close to Shogun 2, the very best game on the list.


Since the reminiscence of the first ‘ROME’ is still high on many minds, apart from what we have extracted from the different websites, the situation in Rome: Total War is the best one we’ve ever seen. Unlike other mods of gaming franchises, it has proved that every faction follows a late-game enemy.

Besides its strategy-based gameplay, the unique Italy-based setup put life into the Roman campaign, undoubtedly the best in the Total War Series. The 1v1 factions around the entire series get a mid-position among the total war games ranked per their popularity.


Another Total War Game Ranked on the list is Total War Saga: Troy, which gets popularity for its extensive map and player base. It is perhaps the best game right now, undoubtedly far better than Thrones of Britannia and its predecessor, the Saga subseries. You will soon read about the Thrones of Britannia, which closes our list of Total War Games ranked.

But, what makes Total War: Troy worth playing? It gets all its tweaks and general formulas, which are largely welcomed and enjoyed by the users. It comes with the same old soldier, wearing a unique helmet, which seems to be put on in a hurry.


Attila was heavily praised for providing the franchise’s best gaming experience of all time, giving us a path to close the list of the total war games ranked. Moreover, it provides exciting gameplay with its all-new factions.

If we compare Attila and Rome 2, Attila is amazing in terms of dynamics and graphics. But what inspired us to put it among the best Total War Games ranked is its criminally underrated highlights, just like Napoleon’s glorified expansion in the end.


There might not be enough reasons to play the previous Medieval today, especially at this point when the latest version is showing better compatibility with today’s mobile generation. But, it was prominently acclaimed from the review: touting it for the real-time battles praised for sage battle realism and exciting features. Also, the graphics and animation indeed pushed the game to mark its entry among the best Total War Games Ranked.


As the graphic shows, it is surely the craziest game that started alone in the middle of Creative Assembly’s unique creations. It was heavily praised for its visuals and strategic tools, featuring core gameplay; the Total War Game series has remained unchanged for the past 20 years.


The era before the 19th century is undoubtedly the best one for bringing perfect historical settings, which inspired us to add this ‘NAPOLEON’ among other Total War Games Ranked. It attempts all strategic narratives that don’t just revolve around the politics and trade system. Instead, it seeks a gap from the Empire’s global trade network, throwing a shadow to their usual selves.  


A few games on this list have been etched into our minds for their admiring gameplay and visuals. Since the entire Total War series is praised for historic glorification, ROME II takes everything from all Creative Assembly’s achievements.

From campaign movement to politics and the map, everything about the ROME 2, thus it ranked low among the best Total War Games Ranked.


We totally missed this game while creating this list, and the reason is its slow progress. Moreover, the game was released a year ago, connecting the after-events of Attila. With a dull map and tightened units, the gameplay is boring, which leads to rank among the worst Total War games.

Despite being the latest on the list, SHOGUN 2, THREE KINGDOMS, and EMPIRE are the Total War Games Ranked winners. These are pretty much of Creative Assembly’s all-time-best achievements touting and inspiring the gaming studio to set milestones. What is your favorite Total War game? Let us know in the comments below.


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