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Best iPhone Emulators For PC To Run Smoothly on Windows and PC

Looking to play an iOS game on Windows? We have shortlisted the best iPhone Emulator for PC to enhance your gaming experience. When you play games on emulators, you can experience even the most vibrant colors and smooth gameplay. Since most people cannot afford an iMac, we have compiled the best iPhone emulators for PC.

The idea to prepare this post is to eliminate the challenges in playing iOS-based games on different platforms. We have mentioned the best iPhone emulator for PC right now and also dropped their download links. Wait…do you know what an emulator is and what should you use it for? No worries. We will elaborate on this below.

Why Should You Use Emulators?

There is no denying that emulators have existed for some good reasons now. While most people consider emulators a tool to play games that are not supported on a specific platform, the emulators can go beyond.

The nature of emulators changes per the users’ needs. For instance, the developers often use emulators to test run the features on a different ecosystem. Since emulators are the most proximate replica of that ecosystem, it gives a better idea of the compatibility of a website, app, and software with an ecosystem.

While there are numerous reasons why Emulators have been used, we have given the following list of iPhone Emulators for PC for gaming only. The following picks are explicitly designed for gamers to enjoy iOS-based games on Windows and Linux systems.

Is it clear about the usage of emulators? Let’s move next.

Best iPhone Emulators for PC (Windows)

Is your favorite game is iOS compatible, but you don’t have a Mac or Apple device? No need to worry; these are the best iPhone emulators for PC. These emulators are designed for Windows users who often need to create an iOS ecosystem.

MobiOne Studios

The first best iPhone emulator for PC, MobiOne Studios, allows users to test and use various iOS-based games and apps on Windows PC. Plus, the hardware requirements are average.

Download Here!


The next entry among the working iPhone emulators for Pc is Smartface. It is designed for personal use, such as gaming and low-level software testing. It works best to test cross-platform iOS applications.

Download Here!


App.io is our personal favorite iOS Emulator for PC. The reason to rank it is that it is free for use. Whether you want to play iOS-based games or test run any app or software, this is the best iPhone Emulator for PC.

Download Here!


Quite an unusual entry among the best iPhone Emulators for PC, iPadian is surely the simplest emulator for the easy-to-use interface. It also comes with a free editing tool to fix your coding errors and update simultaneously.

Download Here!


At first, we thought it was an app for online food ordering, but this is an award-winning iPhone Emulator for PC. Appetize.io is a cloud-based emulator designed to simplify software testing for professionals. It comes with the first 100-hours free.

Download Here!

AIR iPhone

If you have worked on the Adobe AIR platform, you would surely love this iPhone Emulator for PC. The AIR iPhone comes with an easy-to-use interface, and also you can switch between multiple ecosystems with this emulator.

Download Here!

iPhone Simulator

Another iPhone Emulator for PC on the list is iPhone Simulator. As the name suggests, this simulator is primarily used for gaming. Thus, it is packed with gaming-relevant features, such as impressive visuals and graphics, etc.

Download Here!

Xamarin TestFlight

The next iPhone emulator for PC on the list is from Xamarin, a premier software development firm. Xamarin TestFlight is dedicatedly designed for testing iOS-based apps and software on Windows PC. If you have a gaming curve, it is going to be a great iPhone emulator for you.

Download Here!

Best iPhone Emulators for PC (macOS)

If you are looking for iPhone Emulators for PC for software testing purposes, this is the right spot. You’ve just checked out the iPhone emulators for Windows. Let’s now check out the best iPhone Emulators for iMac or MacBook.


If you are totally into programming or coding, Corellium is the best iPhone Emulator for PC, often used for security purposes to run iOS Devices in browsers. Talking about security, this is the most encrypted iOS emulator on the list.

Download Here!

iOS Simulator in Xcode

Apple’s home-based Software development tool, Xcode, is considered the best iPhone Emulator for PC. It is the primary tool in the app development suite as mac users can edit and launch the apps directly using this emulator.

Learn Here!

Electric Mobile Studio

It is a premium iPhone emulator for PC, with a hefty price tag, but you can avail of its 7-days free version. Its most prominent features include full-fledged emulation for iPhones, iPads, and other ecosystems developed by Apple.

Remote iOS Emulator

Another popular option to test run your iOS applications and software on your macOS or Windows PC is remote iOS Emulator. It is a developer-dedicated tool that comes with pre-installed Xamarin as Visual Studio. Additionally, its toolbar has ultimate options to ease your testing.

Learn Here!


There are many popular iPhone Emulators for PCs, but a few could overreach the features of iPadian. Unlike other tools, iPadian dissolves into the existing ecosystem of your system rather than creating an extra layer to change the iOS hardware.

Download Here!

Hopefully, these are enough options to choose an effective emulator per your needs. Since most of these iPhone emulators are used for software testing, who knows what you do once the ecosystem has changed? So, whether you wish to play a game or expand your learning capabilities, pick an iPhone Emulator for PC with the features you need.

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