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Vivo Cast: Real Name And Age Of The Entire Voice Artists

Vivo is an American animated musical movie produced by Sony Picture Animation. This movie premiered on Netflix, and they featured a Vivo cast with familiar voices, as well as also featured newcomers. The entire Vivo cast includes many of the actors who already appeared on the stage, so that viewers may be familiar with them. Lin Manuel Miranda is a multi-talented star who played a major role in movie creation. 

Vivo is a family-friendly character about a Kinkajou who goes on a mission to fulfil the last wish of his master. With the help of an imaginative girl, he aimed to take him on an odyssey across Florida. This is a  Sony picture debut musical. After the limited theatrical release, Vivo is released on Netflix for streaming. 

The main Vivo cast is titled Kinkajou and Gabi, the young girl and his best friends. There are several supporting roles, including legendary singer to evil python. You can also download this movie from various movie sites. 

Real Name And Age of  Actors In Vivo 

we’ve provided the real names and ages of the Vivo cast in the below section. 

1- Lin Manueal Miranda As Vivo

Vivo, known as Kinkajou is a mammal that has been lost from its homeland of South America and started working in the movie as a singer and dancing assistant in a local busker in Cuba. He is unable to communicate with humans, but the audience can understand his words and songs. 

Lin Manuel Miranda gave his voice to Vivo. He is an actor, musician, and songwriter. He came in the frame as creator and performer. He is one of the best actors in the Vivo cast.

Lin Manueal Miranda As Vivo

2- Ynairaly Simo As Gabi

Vivo cast is full of stars in the acting and music world and we’ve also got a newcomer. Yanairaly Simo plays the role of Gabi, a lovable partner of Vivo throughout the entire movie. She is a young actress who started to set her mark.  

In 2014, she played a role in a TV series titled Creative Galaxy Back. This is her first biggest role in the Hollywood world. After playing the role of Gabi in Vivo, we’ll see her in another series soon. 

Ynairaly Simo As Gabi

3- Zoe Saldana As Rosa

Every other innocent kid needs an equally worried mother. Zoe Saldana played the role of Rosa in Vivo and she presents herself as the mother of Gabi. She presents herself in the Star Trek reboot movies as Nyota Uhura and Avtar. It gave her opportunities to appear in the top-rated movies of all time. 

Zoe Saldana As Rosa

4- Juan De Marcoz As Andres

On the street of Havana Andres is the musical partner of Vivo. In Vivo, Andres is an old and caring man who loves music but wants to reunite with his love of life Marta. Juan De  Marcoz plays the role of Andres In Vivo. He is better known as the Cuban musician later he become an actor. For Juan, Vivo is his first credit but he has been in the music industry for the last decades. He is cast in the list of Vivo Cast. 

Juan De Marcoz As Andres

5- Brian Tyree Henry As Dancarino And Nicole Byer As Valentina

Dancarino and Valentina are a pair who fell in love with each other. Vivo helps Dancarino and Valentina in return and the bird saves Vivo from Clutches of Locator. 

Brian Tyree gave his voice to Dancarino who is part of Donald Grover’s hit comedy Atlanta in the role of paperboy. He appeared in hit movies like Godzilla vs Kong and Spiderman: Spider into the Spider-verse. 

Nicole Byer is a comedian, she hosted a baking show Nailed It on Netflix. She also appeared in comedy series such as Transparent and Brooklyn-Nine-Nine. She gave her voice to Valentina in Vivo. 

Both Brian Tyree Henry and Nichole Byer are on the list of Vivo Cast.

Brian Tyree Henry As Dancarino And Nicole Byer As Valentina

6- Michael Rooker As Lutador

Moving back to the Vivo Cast, Lutador is the real Villain. He is an evil Python that lives to make Vivo life hell. Michale Rooker plays the role of Lutador in Vivo. Rooker is an actor who played the role of Merle Dixon in The Walking Death. 

Michael Rooker As Lutador

7-Gloria Estefan As Marta

Oh, Marta! Do you love Marta? She is another half of the Andes in Vivo Cast. Wonderful Gloria Estefan played the role of Marta In Vivo. She is an internationally recognised singer and the love life of Andres. Vivo climax occurs during her last concert, with Vivo and Gabi running to give her Andres song. 

Gloria Estefan As Marta

Supporting Vivo Cast

1- Katie Lowes As Becky

Becky is the leader of the Sand dollar.  A group of Overzealous guides that strictly follow the rules. 

2- Olivia Trujillo as Eva

Eva is a member of a Sand Dollar group. Trujillo is most recognised for her role as Aleida Rosales in All Mankind.

3- Lidya Jewett as Sarah

She is the last member of the Sand Dollar. Lidya Jewett is known for the role of Good Girl as Sarah. 


All of these talented voice artists come together in Vivo Cast. They create the best group of characters. This movie received a positive review. People suggested that this movie should be a family movie. 

We hope this list of Vivo Cast helps you to understand the different characters in the movie.

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