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5 Upcoming Trends in Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming isn’t young anymore. Over the last decade, and then some, it has gone from the wild west of gaming to one of gaming’s most played, profitable, and developed-for platforms. But just because it’s more established, it doesn’t mean that innovation in the space has slowed down. To this day, mobile gaming remains one of the most varied and innovative spaces in the entire industry. So let’s take a look at 5 upcoming trends in mobile gaming which we are already starting to see emerge.

1- Cloud Gaming 

Ok, cloud gaming has been around for a while now. While it has certainly seen its ups and downs—perhaps more downs—we’re getting to a point where internet speeds, mobile hardware and user interest is quietly making cloud gaming on mobile a reality. Cloud gaming services like Xbox Game Pass and GeForce Now allow you to play today’s most complex and technically demanding games all on your mobile, thanks to the processing being done on another unit. Over the last 5 years or so, this has opened up mobile gaming to include, well, any game! As the technology, service providers and demand for this style of gaming continue to evolve, chances are we will see a resurgence in cloud gaming.

2- AI-power

Unless kept your nose out of the tech sector for the last two years, you’ll know that the biggest trend today is AI. From ChatGPT to AI images to AI tarot readings, it’s everywhere. And, yes, that means its definitely going to see much more implementation in gaming. In mobile gaming, specifically, AI tools will likely offer the opportunity to provide a more personalised experience, which tailors certain aspects of a game to your preferences. That could come in the form of dynamically adjusting difficulty, changing narratives or providing unique aesthetics. Honestly, AI could be implemented in so many ways in gaming that it’s hard to list them all here.

3- Hybrid Games

A few years ago, mobile gaming was easily sorted into a bunch of categories. Puzzlers, platformers, visual novels, strategy—you know. But those days are gone. Now we’re entering an era of cross-genre. This means that the casual nature of mobile games is starting to get way more complex. Think a puzzle game interspersed with narrative elements. Or a strategy game with simulation elements. Or an RPG with multiplayer functionality. To be honest, we’ve been seeing this for a while. Take Clash of Clans, a strategy game with multiplayer, minigames and more. Speaking of which, buy Clash of Clans accounts to get ahead! Ultimately mobile games have been evolving and becoming more complex for a long time, and this is a trend we will continue to see.

4- More Social Gaming 

To people who don’t play games, it’s often thought that games are fun activities where we strive to reach arbitrary goals… But if you’re a gamer, you’ll know how deep it all goes—with one of the main functions of gaming being social. From gaming communities brought together over a title to entirely social games where there’s nothing to do but hang out, create and express yourself. This latter style of game might become more and more popular in the coming years for a few reasons. Not only do social games provide a space to meet like-minded people, but they also offer a closer-knit alternative to mainstream social networks—acting as their own microcosms of community as a result. Mobile is the ideal platform for social gaming as you always have it on you, allowing you to stay connected with the community you find.

5- The Metaverse 

Yes, I know. The Metaverse is a buzzword which has been horribly overused, misinterpreted and subjected to corporate marketing. But that doesn’t mean the ideas behind it aren’t things that people have been wanting for a long time. Similar to social gaming, the concept of the metaverse offers a broad and persistent virtual world for players to interact, socialize, play, experience, work and—well—do anything that other players create or organise. While The Metaverse was recently used as a term to sell VR headsets and shill cryptocurrencies, I think its final destination may well be mobile. Again, given that mobile devices are incredibly accessible—forming the basis for a truly rich and diverse ecosystem to flourish.

Beyond Trends

Of course, mobile gaming also faces its fair share of challenges as it continues to grow. From data privacy and monetization to accessibility and sustainability. Both gamers and game developers need to keep a strong ethical grounding in reality, even when enjoying the wonder that virtual worlds have to offer.

Through these five trends, some may come true and some may not—some may even be in the very distant future. But what remains true is that mobile gaming is one of the most important frontiers of gaming today, so it’s incredibly exciting to see it evolve.

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