A Comprehensive Inspection of HyperX Cloud Stinger

HyperX Cloud Stinger Review

Are you a gaming geek who loves to stand apart among your playstation companions? If yes, then HyperX Cloud Stinger is something you must think about as this state-of-the-art audio device is lightweight, eye-catchy, smart-fitted and affordable as well. A few days ago, I just got a new one and can not resist sharing my experience with you. 

HyperX Cloud Stinger Features 

Over the years, HyperX has anchored its name in the gaming industry by sponsoring numerous gaming teams across the globe. Therefore, it has realised the rapidly changing dynamics of digital gaming and the requisite of gaming professionals, consequently, came up with handy accessories which are high in demand these days. Cloud Stinger is one such device that would certainly transform your gaming experience as it includes –  

Ear Cups with Ninety Degree Rotation 

To let a gamer experience the sheer comfort of playing, Experts have designed the earbuds to rotate 90 degrees to suit the neck. 

A Feather Like Gaming Accessory 

The foremost advantage of keeping such an audio device is that you would not feel the heaviness around your neck and head during prolonged gaming sessions as it is merely 275 grams.  

Unmatched Audio Precision with 50mm Directional Drivers 

Drivers are aligned with the drivers to enable gamers to have game-grade sound effects and feel the intensity of the virtual world. 

Noise Preventive Microphones for Clearer Sound 

As per needs and situations, one can move the microphone upwards opposite the head. The in-built noise controller ensures a better and clearer voice.    

Durable yet Adoptable Steel Slider 

Steel made slider makes it last-longing and adjustable at the same time. 

HyperX Cloud Stinger at a Glance

Let’s have a look, evaluate and analyse HyperX Cloud Stinger on various aspects to help a potential buyer can have a better idea.    


The cosy era of console hardware just arrived. And with that array of next-gen devices come new add-ons, such as transferrable hard drives, lightweight headphones, and regulators.  The HyperX Cloud Stinger are casual and wired headphones intended for gaming. Even if their body and figure are made of plastic they are a bit substantial, but they’re truly light in weight. Thus, they are good enough at long gaming sessions. The boom microphone also grabs the voice clearly, whether you’re gaming back on the couch at home or participating in a tournament. Maybe all credit goes to wired design, lag is negligible. Though they are tailored for gaming they are not flashy in comparison to other headsets designed for gaming. However, they neither restrict the ambience nor make the speech enjoyable while commuting, but still, they are lightweight, durable, and affordable. This makes them one of the finest choices as a gaming accessory. 


The HyperX Cloud Stinger are enjoyable gaming headsets. Their ear cups have ample space which would be enough for maximum users. The padding is also cosy as well, even though it isn’t as fluffy as other gaming headsets we’ve gone over so far. It is suitable for multi-hour gamers due to its lightweight and comfort on the head. 


Different from most of the gamer-oriented designs, the HyperX Cloud Stinger is not so flashy and modest in appearance which is reflected by its all-black plastic design and delicate red accent mark. Still, it does not have a completely casual look as the mic can’t be detached, unlike other gaming headphones.


These gaming headphones have limited controls. The control slider only can be found under the right ear cup through which one can adjust the volume. Nevertheless, there are no separate points that can keep the volume setting steady. To inactivate the microphone, one can move it upwards against the headphone. So overall, it doesn’t have more in-built controls. 


Besides having some flexibility, HyperX headphones are not very portable. As they can’t be folded, their flashy and unbending designs restrict and make it hard for you to carry out. If you are okay with hanging them around your neck while not using them, then it’s nice as you can not pack them into your bag. Henceforth, it may irritate you more than often. 

Quality & Stability 

Regardless of the cheaper plastic frames, such gaming headsets have a decent shape & figure. Steel sliders in the headband ensure their flexibility. Not so fluffy ear cups also make you feel nice, but the cable can not be replaced. The stability is reasonable but they are not suitable for fitness or sports uses as they may slip off while working out due to a bit of loose fit.

Considering all the aspects of HyperX Cloud Stinger, it can be said that it is a reasonable and affordable add-on accessory for gamers or gaming professionals. While lacking the portability front, this chic yet stylish gaming headset is durable and flexible. Overall, it seems worth its value.  


  •  Ultimate Design and lightweight nature 
  • Designed for more than basic gaming 
  • Hasslefree microphones with clear speech 
  • Suits the pocket size of gamers of all scales.


  • The bass is a bit hard-hitting.
  • Aluminium extensions could have made them lighter.
  • Noise cancellation is inactive 

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