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How to Stream and Play Games in GeForce Now India?

Nvidia’s GeForce Now enables you to stream the most demanding games on devices like computers, tablets, laptops, and android phones from the corners of the globe, and now you can enjoy gaming through it in India. It works in the same way as Google Stadia, xCloud, or Shadow, in which games are made accessible to gamers across the web via powerful servers. The core intention of such a platform is to make high-specification games playable on a non-gaming computer, a Macintosh, or an Android smartphone. May some people find it hard to sign up for GeForce Now India? Well, we will help them out on this

GeForce Now India: How to Stream?

While attempting to access GeForce Now in India, you will get a note saying, “not supported in your region.” Using a solid Virtual Private Network (VPN) service is a simple fix for it. It may work on an Opera browser, including an in-build VPN, or you can download a VPN separately. A few years back, it was possible to sign up for GeForce Now India without using a virtual private network through Nvidia Shield TV, a media streaming box, and it was showing the cost in Indian rupees. Though we have checked out, and it seems no longer available now. 

As GeForce Now is only available in diverse parts of Europe and the United States, ensure picking a temporary location in VPN from any European country or somewhere in the USA. While the virtual private network is turned on, visit the GeForce Now ‘Home’ page and click ‘Join Now.” Maybe now you would be able to sign up. Nvidia offers both a paid and free subscription range. 

For a paid subscription to GeForce Now India, you have to pay INR 377 ($4.99). A paid subscriber will get priority services of GeForce Now which means they will get quicker access to the games, and each gaming session will last up to 6 hours. Additionally, paid subscribers will benefit from advanced attributes like ray tracing. There is a 90 days trial period for a paid subscription. 

You can also access GeForce Now India for free to stream and play games; however, the time limit is restricted to one hour for those with a free account. Also, you’ll have to wait for a more extended term to launch the game you like.

GeForce Now India: Steps to Stream 

  • Connect to a Virtual Private Network by choosing a location from Europe or the USA. 
  • Open GeForce Now to create an account. 
  • Get a subscription from Nvidia’s GeForce Now. 
  • Download and install GeForce Now. 
  • Sync your steam account. 
  • Select and open the game you wish to play.
  • You need to launch the game and connect it while the virtual private network is turned on. 
  • The game will be loaded, when connected.  
  • Turn off the virtual private network to get a stable, faster, and smoother internet speed. 
  • The game would be launched to play hassle-free; now, the only thing you need is high-speed internet connectivity. 

GeForce Now India: How to Play PC Games on Android Phone 

Those who wish to stream and play the same games on android phones can even do that. They need to have a GeForce Now app and an Android 5 or higher quality phone with a minimum of 2 GB RAM. The application is not accessible on Google Play Store in India; get the Android Package Kit (APK) and download it from any other application store. 

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GeForce Now India: Which Games You Should Play? 

Numerous much-appreciated games are accessible on GeForce Now India; you will enjoy streaming and gaming. Here we are listing our favorite ten titles. 

  • Ancestors 
  • CyberPunk
  • Red Dead Redemption II 
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 
  • Control 
  • Deliver us the Moon 
  • Knights and Bikes
  • Minecraft 
  • Hot Lava 
  • Blair Witch 

The best thing about GeForce Now India is its intention. This service is aimed towards users who wish to play their purchased games on computers with low-end capacity and are not compatible with them. So, don’t waste your precious time and just sign up for GeForce India to have the ultimate gaming experience. 

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