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How To Update Minecraft To 1.17 (Step-by-step Guide)

Are you wondering how to update Minecraft to 1.17 on pocket edition, Java and Bedrock? The first update of Minecraft has been out for some time and the second part will be updated soon. Everyone is waiting for the new update with caves and cliffs or other animals. This addition brings new mobs and gives more to playing the survival words. 

Here, we’ve provided a few tips to update Minecraft to 1.17. Before moving to the same, first let’s know more about Minecraft. 


Minecraft is an independent PC game designed in 2009 by a self-thought Swedish programmer Markus Persson. Nowadays, it has over 100 million registered users. It was released on Microsoft Windows, Mac, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and some other mobile devices. Minecraft is described as a first-person ‘Sandbox Game’, which means people create their own experience. It is a virtual game where people dig holes to collect blocks. 

Here’s the way how to update Minecraft to 1.17 on each and every device to play the new caves and cliff. 

Believe us, this game is incredibly addictive and offers the best user experience. Here’s the reason why Minecraft is popular. 

1- For All Player

Minecraft is perfect for all players and simple to use.  As a beginner, you can construct a small house, craft table and many more. If you’re a skilled player, you can build your own town, city and many more. 

2- Creativity 

Minecraft is a creative game and allows players to be creative but people are confused about how to update Minecraft to 1.17. While playing Minecraft, players face various challenges like finding valuable resources, gathering food, building a shelter and many more. 

3- Simplicity

People enjoy this game because this game is simple to play. In this, they need to create and explore their own world. 

4- Friendly Game

Minecraft is best for every age. From kids to older, everyone can play these games because this game doesn’t contain any bloodshed. 

Ways To Update Minecraft To 1.17

There are several ways to update Minecraft to 1.17 on pocket edition, Java, and Bedrock. Take a look!

1- Update Minecraft On Java

If you’re searching how to update Minecraft to 1.17, this is the best way to update Minecraft on Java. Follow these steps to update Minecraft. 

  • Open the Minecraft controller on your PC
  • Check Minecraft is updated to the latest version 1.17
  • To update your launcher go to the official website and download the launcher. 
  • The latest version of Minecraft is going to the installation tab on your launcher.
  • Select the new version and start the installation. 
  • After the installation, you can start playing by clicking the play button.

2- Update Minecraft On Pocket Edition

Here are the following ways how to update Minecraft to 1.17 on the pocket edition. 

  • On your phone, open Play Store and App Store’
  • In the search bar, search Minecraft or go to my apps and select Minecraft.
  • Click on the update button and make sure you’re connected to WiFi. 
  • If you can’t download the updated version restart Play Store or App Store or delete cache and try again.
  • After installation, you can go ahead and play the new version. 

3- Update Minecraft In Bedrock Edition

The Bedrock version is very useful for Windows 10 and Xbox users at the same time. These devices use the same type of Minecraft version and you’ll get the answer of how to update Minecraft to 1.17. 

1- Update Minecraft On Windows 10

  • Click on the start menu and search the window store.
  • Open the Minecraft page by searching Minecraft.
  • Before updating, check whether you have a stable internet connection or not and install it.
  • After installation, go ahead and start playing.

2- Playstation 4 And 5

  • Playstation 4 and 5 automatically update and install Minecraft if auto-update is enabled. 
  • You can go to Minecraft and choose ‘options’
  • Tap on check update and wait.
  • In a few seconds, PlayStation will install the latest version to your device.
  • Now, the Minecraft version is installed in Ps4 and Ps5. 

3- Xbox

If you are looking for how to update Minecraft to 1.17, follow these steps to update Minecraft. 

  • Open my app and game on the Xbox.
  • Select for more options in the Minecraft tab.
  • Click on Manage Game & Addons. 
  • Click on the update button and your Xbox updates the latest version of Minecraft. 
  • Go ahead and play Minecraft. 

Final Words

Hopefully, you’ll get the relevant information regarding how to update Minecraft to 1.17. We’ve provided a way to update Minecraft. With the help of these ways, you’ll be able to update Minecraft to 1.17.

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