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How To Make Bluetooth Speaker Louder For More Amazing Parties

What is the first thing that comes to mind when buying speakers? Apparently, a quality sound with powerful bass. However, it is not easy to find the right Bluetooth speakers that could meet all your needs in all ways right. So, here is how to make Bluetooth speakers louder. 

In this exhausting life, music is the one thing that can please one’s soul and relax the mind. To enjoy music without pesky wires, people are investing a huge amount on purchasing Bluetooth speakers.  

But your Bluetooth speakers may disappoint you if you don’t get the blasting sound that you have been promised by the brand at the time of purchase. And sometimes the loudness of the speaker isn’t just enough for the listeners to live the music, even with good quality speakers. Whatever the matter is, we are here to boost your music experience with louder sound because we know music is the best healer, and everybody whispers or listens to one song at least once a day. 

In this blog post, we’re addressing tips on how to make Bluetooth speakers louder even beyond  their capability. 

Find Out the Ways of Maximizing the Sound of Your Bluetooth Speakers

If you love to be lost in loud music, you must read this post till last. If you are using Bluetooth speakers, chances are doubled to improve their efficiency compared to others. With some simple tips on How to make your Bluetooth speakers sound better you can improve the sound quality of your speakers and enjoy your favorite music at the fullest sound. 

1. Check the Room Area

If you have made up your mind to kick your Bluetooth speakers only because they don’t have the potential to satisfy you with powerful sound, hold on. Bluetooth speakers in a huge and open room would not provide the louder sound as you expected. The reason behind it is the sound waves will simply spread out too far to be heard properly. So before blaming your speaker, check out the size of the room first. Consider buying the speaker as per the size of the room. 

2. Get Pair of Speakers

One speaker might not be enough for your space to give you desired sound quality. Check the area of the palace where you’re installing your speaker, the size of the speaker, and then get the speakers according to the need. This is also the easiest way to modify a Bluetooth speaker when there is a huge crowd in the room or open room. You can opt to select one unless you need the extra volume regularly. 

3. Place it Against a Wall or Close to the Corner

This is one of the effective ways to boost the volume of your speakers if you’re not buying extensions because the wall can act as  an Amplifier. Putting your speaker against the wall may allow you to enjoy the music at 25% higher volume. However, the number may vary depending on the distance & type of the wall.

In the same way, you can also consider any furniture like the room that may weaken the sound such as the couch. 

4. Maintain Your Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Of course, maintenance plays a crucial role in the performance. The same thing goes with your Bluetooth speakers. The regular dust may block the pores of the speaker that can affect the sound quality. When you buy a Bluetooth speaker, it comes with a manual that contains instructions for cleaning and maintaining your speakers. Following that manual helps you keep the Bluetooth speakers working perfectly. If this isn’t your cup of tea, take your speakers to the service center, that will cost you nothing, but minimum charges that would be somewhat less than buying a new pair of speakers. 

5. Place Your Speaker on the Floor

While finding ways on how to make Bluetooth speakers sound better, we have tried placing the speaker on the floor. And believe us, we didn’t find any other way to make our speakers as loud as we want. It might not be the best location to place your speakers but is one of the effective ways to make them louder. Placing your speakers on the ground enables the sound to flow naturally.

 6. Check Your Connection

Before complaining about your speaker volume, check the internet connection and the volume of the device to which you have connected your Bluetooth. If you want louder sound on your speakers, keep the volume high from both devices, your Bluetooth, and the device to which Bluetooth is connected. 

This is how to make a Bluetooth speaker louder without replacing them. Using these tips you can definitely make your speakers work better than usual. Pleasing music at high pitch can treat you with some really good feelings. After all, music is the only thing that can give you relaxation and de-stressing. 

Go ahead and enjoy your music as louder as you want!

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