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Top 7 Best Shooting Games For Mobile To Play Right Now

First-person shooting games have always been regarded as one of the best shooting games for mobiles. These FPS shooter games are generally available in the PC version. Since people have started spending more time with smartphones than consoles, the game house started releasing them in mobile versions.

Today we will share some of the best shooting games for mobile that are fun playing and full of actions. So. let’s check them!

1. PUBG Mobile

One of the best shooting games for mobile in the last decade, PUBG Mobile is the world’s best FPS game for smartphones. It is available for both iOS and Android. PUBG is basically a first-person shooter player versus player shooting game. Its gameplay is designed to accommodate battlegrounds for up to three hundred players.

It has different modes to taste unique adventures. Currently, PUBG has Domination, Arena Training, Team Deathmatch, Assault, and Gun Game.

2. Dead Trigger 2

Since the zombie mode is no longer available in the Call of Duty: Mobile, Dead Trigger 2 seems to be an ideal alternative to the game. This game was released back in 2013 and still gets counted as one of the best shooting games for mobile.

Developed by Madfinger, it is a first person shooting game that follows a storyline that takes you through different scenarios and missions while earning in-game resources to upgrade or unlock features. Dead Trigger 2 comes in at second among the best shooting games for mobile.

3. NOVA Legacy

Don’t you remember NOVA? It was the first FPS video game series from Gameloft and the go-to FPS for games like Call of Duty, and Fornite to name a few. It has been half a decade since the series terminated, but the development company decided to present games with another exciting first-person shooting game.

This Nova Legacy is one of the best shooting games for mobile and combines the legacy of all three previous games, but with better graphics, audio, and mechanical tweaks.

4. Showdown War Game

Madfinger was earlier mentioned on the list for Dead Trigger 2, and here it comes again. The studio exactly knows what it takes to develop good shooter games, and so it does. We hardly have a hero shooter that has etched on the mind like Alex Mercer in Prototype.

However, you can go wrong after playing the Showdown War Game. It is a 5v5 tactical first-person shooting game with a hero roster with exceptional abilities. Additionally, it has various modes and maps to switch between FPS and PvP games.

5. Fortnite

As far as we can assume, most 90’s kids have grown up playing this shooting game. While PUBG is only popular among gamers, even people from the non-gaming community are familiar with Fortnite. One of the best shooting games for mobiles, Fortnite is a battle royale game with many characters to hood on.

If you’ve tried its PC version, then, frankly speaking, nothing has changed a lot. In Fortnite, everything appears to be inspired by the real world. From its routes to weapons and bullets — you can even choose between small rifle primers and handgun shots.

6. Gods of Boom

Released initially as Guns of Boom, Gods of Boom is one of the famous first person shooting games for mobile. Like other top shooting games on the list, you can expect a season drop, full of features such as better weapons, modes, and so on.

With less focus on story and more on gameplay, the game is reborn after every season and comes with different themes, costumes, and weaponry. At the time of writing this post, the latest season of this game is 11, and it’s an alien-themed season.

7. Call of Duty: Mobile

Last but not least. The Call of Duty franchise has already dominated Consoles, PC Platforms and is now ramping up to the mobile gaming market. Rewarded as one of the best shooting games for mobile, this game is best known for its cinematic action moving experience.

Here we go again to this game which is much inspired by the real world. To set a tone, they even have taken inspiration from real-life cartridges and mentioned large rifle primers in their collection.

The game was better known for its original zombie mode, it was eventually removed due to not meeting the standard. Though the game is free, you can make in-game purchases just like PUBG mobile and other shooting games on the list.

We hope you have tried most of these first person shooting games for mobile, but if you’ve not played yet, it’s the right time to try. Let us know about your favorite shooting game in the comment below.

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Vishal Prajapati
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