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Tips to Boost Your Pinterest Reach and Engagement

Boost your Pinterest Engagement

Are you struggling with low traffic on your Pinterest account? Do you want to encourage more visitors to interact with your content? Need not worry. We will help you with the tips to boost your Pinterest reach and engagement. 

Today, most businesses use Pinterest to boost the visibility of their business. However, it is not a search engine but it definitely offers a great opportunity to drive great visitors to your website, grab new leads and improve brand awareness. According to the research, 87% of people plan to purchase products after being influenced by Pinterest. In today’s competitive world, Pinterest is the perfect platform to connect with your audience, showcase your product, and more exposure to your brand. 

With so much usage of Pinterest, you are probably looking for ways to improve your Pinterest reach to enhance your social media marketing. Whatever your goal is, you must know the effective tips to accomplish them. Here are the effective tips to boost your Pinterest reach and engagement. 

Social Media Strategies: 6 Ways to Improve Your Pinterest Engagement

1. Use Long Visuals

Pinterest is about uploading images. So why not leverage the opportunity of uploading large images to get them noticed. Your content needs to stand out from the crowd. It is easier to get your content noticed if you upload taller images because people scroll vertically than horizontally. So taller images tend to engage more audience than shorter images. Try this trick and let us know. 

2. Schedule Pins at Best Times

Increasing social media presence is nothing but choosing the right strategy. And to increase Pinterest reach, you need to read your targeted audience’s mind. Before performing any activity, make sure when your audience can see your pins. Take some time to research the best time to post and see how it will help you. Luckily there are social media management tools like Social Report that help you to analyze the best time to get the best results. 

3. Repin Your Content From Another Account

Social media is a large platform to reach a huge audience and make the most of it. Besides Pinterest, you can share your content on other accounts like Instagram and Facebook which is a great way to gain attention and engagement. By doing this, you help establish your image among the audience who were beyond your approach. 

4. Organize Brand Related To Your Brand

One of the effective tips on the list is to organize your pins with categories. Most brands make this mistake and keep their Pins in random order. But they don’t know that they are making the biggest mistake. Having an organized and well-sorted board will help them to stand out. So take some time to sort your Pins into boards with categories and describe them accurately according to the audience’s taste. Also, name the boards to help users to find the content at ease but keep it short and simple so that it can catch the audience’s eye immediately. 

5. Use Rich Pins & More Info

If this term is something that you have heard for the first time, then Rich Pins are Pins that allow you to include more information apart from the existing. There are four Pins that allow users to add more relevant information to specific content types, however, Pinterest has added a few more to the list.

  • Product Pins
  • Recipe Pins
  • Article Pins
  • App Pins
  • Movie Pins
  • Place Pins

6. Get Involved With Pinterest Contributor Boards

Sharing your Pins to Contributors Boards can do wonders in engaging more audiences. These boards offer some amazing benefits including more repins, increased exposure for your content, adding new fans, and followers of your brand. You only need to read the rules of the boards and adhere to them. Every board has different rules, so it is necessary to become familiar with them to prevent them from being banned. 

#Last Words!

Despite not being a search engine, Pinterest can be a solid platform to improve your brand visibility and drive more traffic. If you have been struggling with low Pinterest Traffic for a long, this blog post perhaps consists of something beneficial for you. By incorporating these tips into your Pinterest strategies, we believe that you will help enrich your social media marketing. If you’re looking for more tips and tweaks like this, stay tuned with us.  

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