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Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus Review: Great Audio at Reasonable Price

In the wireless earbuds market, dominated by Sony, Apple, Boats, and many other leading names, we do Master & Dynamic MW02 Plus Review. The experience was beyond what we expected. So, we are sharing the same with you. In this post, you will read about truly wireless earbuds that offer a comfortable audio quality with all-day-long battery life.

Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus Review

New York-based company, Master & Dynamic have designed their truly wireless earbuds with perfection to deliver a desirable, high-quality, pleasing sound. Inspired by the company’s first M&D MW07 wireless headphones, the master and dynamic MW07 Plus has overcome connectivity and delicacy issues that occurred with the previous model.

While the previous model reported plenty of issues, in terms of user experience and audio quality, the MW07 Plus has got lots of upgrades. The new model offers rock-solid connectivity with Bluetooth v5.0, amazing features, and even bigger & better sound.

The Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus is doing well in the market and we recently tested it. Here is an honest Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus review.

  • Designed to deliver promising sound, the MW07 plus earbuds offer original New York-type sound that is pleasing, clear, and best when played loud.
  • With the stylish, handcrafted panel on the side of the headphones, the MW07 plus earbuds have got an appealing look matched with a beautiful, shiny, stainless steel case.
  • In terms of design, MW07 has got an edge over other leaders in the market. It is designed to meet day-to-day consumer needs and to be used rough & tough.
  • Powerful 10-hour battery backup ensures you get a day-long listening experience without worrying about charging.
  • The latest Bluetooth v5.0 is there for better connectivity and a lag-free audio experience.
  • With a hefty price tag of $300, the MW07 plus might be a bit more expensive than earbuds in its competition. However, we found it perfect and worth the price with outstanding audio performance, battery life, and design that sets it apart.

Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus Review: Sound Overview

How’s New York? Of course, it’s stylish, brash, loud, and extremely overwhelming. But, it is exciting and outstanding in terms of experience and so the MW07 wireless earbuds. Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus in-ear earbuds get everything that makes it a perfect New York-style earbud. The company’s expertise in delivering an awesome audio experience shines with its design and immersive sound technology.

Let us explain. Just pick a bass boosted that plays loud — “Bass & Bones by GoToGuy,” for instance. We played and it went through the 10mm Beryllium drivers on the MW07, just 20 seconds and we were completely lost. Like seriously, how is it possible for wireless earbuds to deliver car-like bass without overpowering it? The guitar sound comes just like it comes in a live show.

The soundstage wasn’t that wide, but the tightness ensures not a single drop goes out. If you love to go loud, the Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus is made for you. The bass is solid, deep, and hit hard, with the opening of “Believer”, produces a strong bass that we could feel through the soul. Besides its amazing bass, the balance is what impressed us the most.

Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus | Specifications & Features

  • Driver: 10mm Beryllium Driver
  • Size: 22.5mm x 19mm x 25mm
  • Weight: 9grams
  • Battery Life: 10-hours with an additional 3-hour case charging
  • Charging Time: 40 minutes full charger, 15 minutes for 5 hours of playback
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, AptX, SBC, and an approximate 30 meter range

Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus Review: Noise Cancellation

Luckily, the MW07 Plus doesn’t come with touch controls. Instead of copying others, the Master & Dynamic gets the physical controls from its previous model. But the most impressive part is the Noise Cancellation. We found the Active Noise Cancellation with the long press of the left volume button.

With in-ears effective seals, they block most of the sound surrounding you. However, you will still get a better and clear audio experience with active noise cancellation. Cutting the noise of the cafe, the street, and the gym, ANC of MW07 is way better than over-ear headphones. Though they are annoying for not reducing voice at certain pitches.

MW07 Plus Design, Connectivity, and Battery Backup

Master & Dynamic introduces a unique, eye-catching, and high-end design with its MW07 – truly wireless earbuds. With the handcrafted side panels, coming in different colors, it is not likely others. We have tested a steel blue pair but you can go with the tortoiseshell version as well. With its fin-like wing-design, the buds fit better in your ear and don’t easily remove.

The company’s decision to continue with physical buttons over touch was amazing. Though it doesn’t feel or look futuristic, physical controls are undoubtedly easier and smoother to control. You don’t have to take specific actions to control the volume and change tracks. Everything is there in the long press, double-tap, and single-tap of left & right volume buttons.

One of the main issues people faced with the original MW07 was connectivity. However, the all-new MW07 plus comes with lots of upgrades and we experience outstanding audio quality and performance throughout the Master & Dynamics MW07 Plus review. Both the earbuds remain solidly connected to the smartphone and deliver a satisfactory sound. Additionally, you don’t need to install any app for pairing. Just put them in-ear and it will be connected automatically.

Should You Buy It?

Yes. If you are looking for the best sound quality with extreme bass, Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus is something you must go with. With outstanding features, they are worth the price and you can purchase them from Best Buy to avail of amazing offers & deals.

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