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Apple Glasses Reportedly To Come With AR And VR Lenses

Apple has been exploring Virtual and Augmented Reality technology for more than a decade. This time Apple is rumored to have Apple Glasses with two high-end technologies VR & AR. 

Apple’s Augmented Reality Glasses would be the first wearable product in the pipeline. One reliable analyst said it is expected to come as soon as next year. But another source from Apple Mark Gurman at Bloomberg confirmed it’ll be able to be seen in 2023. 

Here, one question would hit the audience’s mind that what Apple Glasses will actually do. It would definitely be more interesting to experience than reading here. According to Bloomberg’s report, Apple Glass is expected to run on Starboard (would be called as glass OS) proprietary operating system. It has been rumored that Apple glasses will display information of your phone to the glasses. Specifically, Apple’s upcoming eye-wear is expected to synchronize the iPhone details and display things such as Emails, Texts, Maps, and games on the lenses. 

Moreover, Apple also plans to add a feature of supporting third-party apps as the company is considering a dedicated app store, similar to the other two devices, Apple TV and Apple Watch.

It won’t be a surprise for you that Apple Glasses will come with lots of features apart from just displaying Emails, Texts, Maps, etc. Apple Glass Leaks suggested that Apple Glass won’t need any prescription lenses as the smart lenses will automatically adjust with poor eyesight using an ‘optical sub-assembly’. This leak came out from a patent that has been granted to Apple for this feature. This patent can be for a Standalone smartphone-powered VR handset or a second-gen Apple Glasses pair. Apple also patented another feature of its new product Apple Glasses. 

Another Apple Glass patent describes how users might be able to change the background of the image. It would also allow you to see different parts of the world. One rumor suggested that it would help you to see in the dark, through a depth sensor. 

As per the leaks, Apple will also include a feature to track finger and hand movements. Thanks to the Smart Ring that Apple patented along with the Apple Glasses.Not only it can track but the feature is perfectly accurate. 

Apple Glasses Highlights

Apple Glasses Specifications are a major concern. But there is no news revealed about the specifications of the Apple Glasses. We can only expect specifications based on the current tech, as it would at least have a 52-degree view with 47 PPI resolution as the HoloLens 2. 

From a brand like Apple, we can expect more true AR solutions. So the display would show 2D floating notifications or maps. It is expected that Apple Glasses will be directly connected to the iPhone via dedicated Wi-Fi. 

As for the battery life, we can expect a minimum three hours of battery life with the wireless charging glass case that can extend its operating time just like Apple Air-pods. 

Being an Apple accessory, Apple Glasses will definitely have more expectations with the design. Though the glass won’t be lightweight, you can expect to be lightweight and comfortable enough to work with them for the entire day. 

There are no words on Apple Glass Price, therefore, it would be wrong to expect it cheap. Report claims it will start at $399, while HTC’s Vive will cost around $799 and Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 will cost somewhere around $3,500. 

So, there is a long time to wait as it will be among us in the year 2023. Till then just keep on expecting what addition will apple make to its upcoming product ‘Smart Glasses’. 

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