Best Game Booster for PC With Windows 10, 8, and 7

Best Game Booster for PC

In this post, we’ll rank the best game booster for PC. Read the post till the end carefully as it might help you in improving your PC’s performance and enhancing your gaming experience. 

The thrill of playing games on a PC or laptop is matchless. Video games have become the most popular entertainment source in recent times. They are created with the best graphics, sound quality, and performance that attracts every age group. But while playing video games, we come across various problems like slow performance, high power consumption issues, and many others. These are the most annoying situations for the gamers. 

To overcome this problem, there is a powerful software called ‘Game Booster’ or ‘Game Optimizer’ that effectively utilizes to tune up the performance of the PC while playing high-end games. To learn what actually the game booster is and how it works, read the post till the end. To help you choose the best game booster for PC, we have also handpicked a few software that are specially designed to improve the gamer’s experience. 

What is a Game Booster and How Does it Work?

Game Booster or Game Optimizer is the software that improves the performance of the PC while maximizing your FPS and terminating the background running tasks and other non-essential Windows. This process is performed when you play the high-end game on your PC.

Additionally, the best game booster for PC frees up the RAM and CPU power which results in improving system performance and giving users a lag-free gaming experience. Well, there are several choices available in the market for free that come with the basic set of features. On the other hand, paid best game booster for PC supports outstanding features such as FPS counter, Live performance status, Gamecaster, etc. 

We have included both; choose the right game boost for your PC according to your needs and start playing your favorite games hassle-free. 

1.Wise Game Booster

Support Windows 10, 8 & 7

Free Download 

Wise Game Booster is the best game booster for PC on the list. It optimizes the gaming performance of the PC by eliminating the background processes. It comprises several smart features that help to improve PC performance like FPS etc. 

The Goods 

  • Compatible with the recent version of Windows
  • Installed with the help of launchpad
  • Let the gamer manage the game and check the relevant information swiftly. 

2. Bit Game Booster

Support Windows 10, 8 & 7

Free Download

Another best game booster for PC that comes on our list is Bit Game Booster. The software is known for offering attractive capabilities like super-friendly UI and improving gaming performance. When you think of installing the easy and lightweight software, Bit Game Booster can be your choice. 

The Goods

  • Allow taking a complete backup of the existing settings
  • Updates your driver for outdated game components with just one click
  • The software thoroughly scans the PC to find the negative hardware device

3. WTFast

Support Windows 10, 8 & 7

Subscription Starts @ $ 8.33/ month

When you are looking for the best game booster for PC, end your search at WTFast. WTFast offers some best features for regular gamers to play the game smoothly. Its GPN (Gamer Private Network) feature predominantly optimizes the game connection data without affecting the IP address of the network. 

The Goods

  • Gamers can customize their settings
  • The tool reduces the latency and pings, thus improving the speed of the system.  

4. GameBoost

Support Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 & Vista

Free Download

The one who wants to optimize computer performance, enjoy smooth and hassle-free gameplay should download GameBoost on your PC. GameBoost comes with an easy-to-manage user interface, eliminating the background running tasks makes it another best game booster for PC in the list.

The Goods

  • Increases the speed of the internet and PC and provide a stable gaming experience
  • Instruct the gaming core to prioritize gaming to reduce latency

5. Game Fire 6

Support Windows Vista, 7, 8, & 10

Free Download

Are you looking for the best game boost for free download? Game Fire 6 can be your partner. With an array of game-performing-boosting features, Game Fire 6 is considered the best game booster for PC on the list. Its plethora of powerful optimization features such as Application optimizer, System Setting Tweaker, & Disk Defragmenter gives the best gaming experience of your life. 

The Goods

  • Works as an automated booster
  • Boosts FPS and system performance
  • Provides real-time performance 

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6. MZ Game Accelerator

Support Windows 7, Vista XP

Free Download 

Do you want to speed up your computer for improved gameplay performance? MZ game Accelerator is the best game booster for PC 2021 on the list that you should download. The tool offers excellent optimization, speeds your PC, and lets you enjoy hassle-free. 

The Goods

  • User-friendly interface 
  • Free ups the RAM and CPU usage that results in improve gameplay performance
  • The most lightweight and the best game booster for free download 

7. ToolWiz Game Boost

Support Windows 7, Vista, and XP

Free Download 

ToolWiz Game Boost is another best game booster for PC 2021. It is free software used to optimize PC performance while playing high-end video games. Despite free software, it offers quite decent features that make it the best on the list. 

The Goods 

  • Comes with an intuitive interface
  • Immediately close the tabs running in the background

8. SpeedItUp Free

Support Windows 10

Free Download

The one who is looking for a decent tool to clean up the RAM and optimize the CPU, SpeedItUp can help. It is included as the best game booster for PC on the list because of its basic features. SpeedItUp Free works fantastically to boost the performance of the PC. Being the most lightweight software on the list, it is the best game booster for Windows 10.

The Goods

  • Support Windows 10
  • Constantly clean up the junk files, thereby increase internet speed
  • Quite lightweight

9. MSI Afterburner

Support Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 & 10

Free Download

MSI Afterburner is a great addition to the list of best game boosters for PC. It is the wonderful game booster software that aims to provide a smooth gaming experience while optimizing the PC and boosting the speed.  

The Goods

  • The overclocking tool let you control the graphic cards
  • Allow customizing GPU’s Voltage, Clock Frequency, Fan speed

10. JetBoost

Support Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8

Free Download

Are you in need of the best game booster for free download? JetBoost can be your partner as it offers various necessary features despite being free. It is considered the best game booster for PC among others because of its extraordinary features. JetBoost’s features include halting unnecessary operations running in the background, cleaning up the RAM, and offering the best gaming experience.  

The Goods

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Offer several customizable features 

Do you want to enjoy PC games hassle-free, download the best game booster for PC from the aforementioned list. This software has notable features that are perfect to help gamers with a mind-blowing gaming experience.

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