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Yono App Download: From Banking To Lifestyle In One Tap

In the ever-advancing world, the banking sector is not far behind in the league. To be a part of the digital revolution, SBI has launched an application called YONO ━ You Only Need One. It is as simple as it sounds. All you need is to Yono app download and you will be covered for anything you would need in the digital banking landscape. The app also has a lot of other features like online shopping, applying a loan application, insurance, movie tickets, bus tickets, bill payment etc. Let’s learn more about Yono App; its features, services, registration process etc.  

What is Yono?

Yono is a digital banking application and website launched by the State Bank Of India(SBI) on 24 November 2017, to provide an integrated solution to customers on a single click, ranging from loan application to mobile recharge. The app is like a one-tap bank at your disposal.  

Services Offered:

Yono acts as a one-stop solution for almost all the services you can think of. After the successful completion of the yono app download process, you will be presented with a vast array of services to choose from. A list of the few  services is given below:

  • Bill Payment 
  • Mobile Recharge
  • Travel Bookings
  • UPI transfers 
  • Ticket Bookings(bus, train, plane tickets) 
  • FD Renewal 
  • Loan Approvals
  • Funds Transfer
  • Insurance
  • Fashion, Grocery, 
  • Food Delivery 

Yono App Download Process

To take advantage of all the above listed services, you must download the YONO application. Here’s a guide to start your yono app download process. 

  • Open the application store on your mobile phone (Playstore in Android and App Store in iOS)
  • In the search bar, type Yono SBI and click on the first search result that appears. 
  • Then click on the install button to get the app on your mobile phone. 
  • Once the app is downloaded, open the app and follow the registration process to use the application. 

 YONO SBI Registration 

An important point to remember is that only people who have an existing SBI account and active internet banking can use the application. Once the yono app download process is complete,  the registration process will begin. 

  • When you open the application, click on the dialogue box with “Existing Customer” written on it
  • Click on “No”, if you are not a registered SBI customer. The app will show a dialogue box asking you to contact the nearest branch or call on the numbers flashing on the screen. 
  • Click on “Yes” if you already have an SBI bank account with an active internet banking ID and password. Then you will be directed to a page asking for your internet user ID and password then click on “Submit”. 
  • A consent form will appear, where details regarding MPIN will occur. If you want to use the username and password to log in,  deselect the checkbox at the end of the page or if you want to use MPIN to log in,  keep the checkbox selected. Then click on “Next”
  • Another page will appear which will require you to set MPIN (read the instructions below before setting the MPIN). Once the MPIN is set, re-enter the pin and click on “Next”
  • An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP and click “Next” 

Now your Yono SBI registration process has been completed successfully. Now you can try Yono sbi login using either your MPIN or your username ID and password. 

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Features Of  Yono App  

After the successful completion of the yono app download process and registration, you will be able to use all the features of the application. When you open the application, you see a lot of icons referring to a variety of services offered like loans, deposits, investments, insurance etc.

How to pay using YONO? 

You have a variety of options to choose from when you click on “YONO Pay”. You can transfer up to 10,000 with the quick transfer feature or you can even pay using your bank account, UPI transfer and QR scans as well. 

Deposits options in YONO

Using the SBI YONO app, you can create new fixed deposits, and recurring deposits or check your deposit status as well. 

Insurance Policy and Loans

You can buy new insurance or link your existing insurance in the YONO app. As for loans, you can also apply for a home loan, car loan, education loan or even instant credit loans using the app. The process is as simple as clicking on the “apply now” button.

After the YONO app download, you can also request a cheque book, shop online and pay bills using the app. 

Other Options

If you think yono app download is the only option for you to avail the online services, then you are certainly mistaken. There are other applications like YONO Lite SBI and YONO web portal available for your convenience. While the YONO SBI lite is for retail users to manage their accounts and avail other banking facilities while the web portal allows the user to avail all the facilities without having to download the application. 

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End Note 

The new era of mobile banking has made immense progress and the largest bank in India is not far behind in the race. With SBI launching YONO, the stakes in the market of mobile/online banking have risen. The YONO app download is a simple process providing a multitude of features and options to choose from, giving the user everything that is needed in one click. 

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