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How To Reverse A Video On iPhone? Easy Steps To Follow 

“How to reverse a video on iPhone is the question you’ve been searching for. If yes, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will walk you through the proper ways to reverse a video on iPhone. Reversing any footage is quite interesting, making it more fun and creative. If you want to change the direction of your video on your iPhone, you just can’t miss reading this post till the end. There are several significant ways to reverse a video on an iPhone, and we will be enlisting the crucial ones that will be a feasible option for you to follow. Without beating around the bush, let’s get started. 

Follow the 8 easy steps to reverse video on iPhone

We have brought you 8 easy steps to reverse a video on iPhone. Follow the steps mentioned below. 

Step 1: Download VN Video Editor App 

VN video editor is a free and easy-to-download app with no watermark. Your first step is to download the VN video editor app from the app store and then opening it. 

Step 2: Click On Plus Icon 

Once you’re done with downloading, open the app and click on the’ plus’ sign at the page’s bottom. 

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Step 3: Tap New Project 

Now select the new project option showing to you and start editing your new video. 

Step 4: Choose The Video 

Your next step would be to select the video you want to edit or makes changes in from your gallery. Once you’re done with choosing the video, tap on the arrow icon. 

Step 5: Tap Reverse 

Let us tell you that you will come across many editing options to edit your video, but you have to go with the reverse option to reverse video on iPhone. 

Step 6: Click On Export Icon

To get the video, click on the export icon on the top to export the video in your gallery or files. This is the final step through which you will to see reversed video on your iPhone. 

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Reverse Video On Iphone With Reverse Vid App

If you didn’t like above method on your query on how to reverse a video on iPhone, then you can follow the method we’re going to highlight below. For iPhone users, Reverse Vid app is quite popular in the app store. With this tool, it is easy to play videos backwards quickly. Further, it allows you to reverse a video section or slow it down. Follow the steps to reverse a video on your iPhone: 

Step 1: First, install Reverse Vid app from the app store 

Step 2: Open the app to enter the primary interface

Step 3: Now click on library and choose a video from your gallery. 

Step 4: Adjust the video speed if you want then hit the preview button to preview the video. 

Step 5: Your final step is to press the save button in the top right corner of the screen to save the reverse video. 

How to reverse video through iMovie?

Want another way on how to reverse a video on iPhone? iMovie is a classic app that can also be used to reverse videos on your iPhone. Whatever video you want to reverse, just select it from gathe llery, tap the effect icon, the and Time. Then you’ll see a preview of reversed video after that you can also choose from a range of speeds which can differ based on your requirements. Now, you can click on the download button to save the video as an mp4 file. 

In case, you don’t have iMovie on your iPhone, an online video reverser will do this job for you. It will accept an array of video formats including mp4 and MPG as well as MOV and WMV. further, if you want, you can remove the audio track as well and customize your reversed video with the title. In case, you’re amateur, iMovie is an ideal tool for you to start with. 

Wind up

Reversing a video on iPhone is not an arduousk if you have an app downloaded on your phone. With the right reverse video tool, you can reverse as many videos as you want to on your iPhone in few steps. If you have queries or questions on how to reverse a video on iPhone, then leave a comment in the comment section below. We will revert you soon. 

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