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How To Make an App for Your Online Store, and Is It Possible Without Coding?

While covid-19 pandemic affected most businesses negatively, the impact on e-commerce is positive. Thus, if you own an eCommerce store, you should take advantage of this trend. And one way you could do that is by learning how to make your own shopping app!

You don’t need to be a coding master to achieve this because you can make your shopping app without writing a single code. You can find the right app for your business through online shopping app development, and some platforms can help you create your app. This article will guide you on what you need to know to create an app for an online store. 

What Is An E-commerce App? 

Before now, most e-commerce activities were done exclusively on websites. However, the potential for mobile apps has become enormous, which cannot be ignored. These apps make lives so much easier. This is why you must know how to build an e-commerce Android app. 

Simply put, an e-commerce app is an app that lets the app owner put up their products for sale to the users of the app. The app can be a way in which the owner caters to the users, or it could be in addition to a brick-and-mortar shop. We can’t deny that e-commerce apps have assisted businesses in going beyond geographical barriers. 

How To Make Your Own Shopping App Without a Code

To build an e-commerce app in android may take years of development. This is because you will need to have a bank account full of cash and hire a full-time development team to create and maintain the app. The thought of the process has made many business owners abandon the idea of having their e-commerce app. 

But the good news is that you can make an e-commerce app without coding! You can create your app by using some applications. For example, Appy e-commerce app builder can help you complete your app in just a few steps. Other apps can help you in building e-commerce applications without any coding. While there are many, this article will stick to Appy pie. The following paragraph will explain how to use the app:

  • Step 1 

Start by going to the Appy pie website and clicking on the Get Started button. 

  • Step 2 

Enter your app name and continue. 

  • Step

You can choose the category that best describes the business you do. 

  • Step 4

Next, choose the color scheme that gives you the visual appeal you want. 

  • Step 5

Proceed to choose the test device according to your needs

  • Step 6

You will then create an account for your app to continue. 

  • Step 7

Using the customization feature, you can enhance the appeal of your app. 

  • Step 8

Test the app by clicking on save and continue. 

  • Step 9

Next, go to the app editor section from my apps area. 

  • Step 10

Add your product listing, then click on save and continue.

The Best Features to Add in an E-commerce App

You can create an e-commerce app without any coding in a few minutes. However, there are a few features you need to keep in mind as you create. Those features will improve user experience and allow them to stay on your app for a long time. One of the things that makes an app outstanding is its features. Hence, it would help if you continued to improve them. Below are some features you should consider when building your e-commerce app. 

1. Registration 

You need to make the registration feature simple and easy for your customers. If they encounter problems registering on your app, they will quickly sign off and never return. Do not annoy your customers by using long registration forms. However, include only essentials such as passwords, usernames, email, and more. Also, it’s a good idea to integrate Facebook and Google registration. 

2. Payment

The checkout of your app should be smooth. You should also add multiple payment methods to your e-commerce app. When you have different modes of payment at the checkout, your customers will have a lot of options to choose from. The payment should be hassle-free, secure, and safe. The keyword here is “safe.” Safety is paramount to a lot of app users. Your app should not compromise them or steal their financial information. 

3. Push Notifications 

When there are push notifications on your app, you can quickly notify customers when a new product is on sale. This way, your customers can quickly see the product and make purchases. One of the benefits of push notifications is that it provides the necessary information and gains your users’ attention. Some studies show that users visit an app when they receive push notifications. Click here to read the benefits of push notifications to e-commerce apps. 

4. Ratings and Reviews 

Your customers won’t know if your business is excelling if former users do not say that about your business. This is why you need to create a feature that allows for feedback and reviews. This would help convince potential customers that your business has conducted business before and can live up to the hype. Also, do not delete negative reviews. Your customers would like your business to be transparent and honest. You know the saying, if it’s too good to be true, it’s probably not true. So, if your business cuts an image of pristine cleanliness, it may put off wary customers. 

Final Thoughts 

The E-commerce business is changing the way we buy and sell. Nowadays, one doesn’t need to walk into a brick-and-mortar shop to make any purchase. Millions of people are using smartphones to make purchases. As a smart eCommerce store owner, you must key into it by knowing how to make your own shopping app today. This article guides you on ways to do your shopping without a single line of code. Need more help? Contact us!

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