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Get MXD M 10 Earphones For A Better Listening Experience

A quality earphone is everyone‚Äôs basic need in the present times, and the new MXD M 10 caters to one’s requirements. A dynamic, ultra-lightweight and high-end sound quality, the MXD M 10 earphone is the right bet for consumers looking for a midrange earpiece. So, without further delay, let’s start with the MXD M 10 review!

Learn More About MXD M 10 Through Review

MXD M 10 is the newest product from the house of MXD. If you use earphones for a long period of time, MXD M 10 provides all-day comfort. Its rubber wire is so soft and lightweight that you do not realise you are wearing it, meaning the manufacturer kept usability in mind while designing the product. 

Coming to other features of the earphone, it has a 10 mm driver that delivers excellent bass tone and sound quality, something you would not expect from a mid-range earphone. Surprisingly, you will get better sound cancellation with this earphone so that no external noise can interrupt your entertainment. What else do you expect?

Next is the design of the earphone, which is quite impressive. You can expect the earphones to be transparent, reflecting a grey colour. Unfortunately, no other colour is available now; maybe you can look for  it later. The earphone wire is 1.2 metres long with a mic with an in-built button. This button will let you attend/dismiss calls and start/pause the songs, which is quite convenient for those who want to avoid taking out their phone out-of-the-pocket every time. 

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What Is The Best Thing About MXD M 10?

The best thing about MXD M 10 is that these earphones are for everyone; students, parents, joggers, bikers, music enthusiasts, etc. Moreover, these earphones are compatible with all the latest Android phones and are portable; you can use them roughly without worrying about wear and tear. This is the reason why these universal earphones are best for you!

Take a look at the table!

Product Details


Brand  MXD
Model M10
Colour  Grey
Type  Earphones 
Headphone Type  In-ear 
Connectivity  Wired 
Compatibility  Android 
Price (India)  Mid-range 

Product Details

Microphone  Yes 
Cord Length 1.2 metres
Driver Size 10 mm
Connector Type  3.5 mm jack
Body Type  Plastic and Rubber 

Sound Features

Impedance (Ohms) 32
Frequency Response  Range  20Hz-20KHz
Noise Cancellation Yes

MXD M 1o offers high-end sound with effective noise cancellation and an in-line microphone. It is certainly the best earphone you can buy for everyday use. 

The Goods  

  • Clear sound effect¬†
  • High clean bass
  • High fidelity cable
  • Ultra lightweight and comfortable¬†
  • Noise Cancellation

The Bad 

  • Limited colour¬†
  • No volume up/down button in the control panel¬†

Hopefully, your search is for a lightweight, comfortable, and high-end sound effect comes to an end with this review. So what are you pondering over? Try this MXD M 10 today and share your experiences with us!


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