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Mozu Earbuds: Budget-Friendly & Premium  

If you love music then buying top and premium quality earbuds will always be your priority. Isn’t it? Being a music lover, you would always wish to upgrade your listening experience with the best wireless earbuds in the market. It is because of the ‘performance, reliability, comfort, and satisfaction’ that elevate it above the pack. That’s where Mozu Earbuds come into being. As new brands are trying their level best to go ahead to the giant brands like boAT, JBL, etc., Mozu is here in the limelight with its powerful, premium, and lightweight wireless earbuds. Want to know more about this amazing pair of earbuds? Keep reading this review to dig deep into the details. 

Let’s get started. 

Top Specifications 

Looking for earbuds less steep in the price? Mozu earbuds are your go-to option. These earbuds may not give a premium feel to the big brands like Apple Earbuds, JBL, or boAt, but they’re made in such a way that they will deliver all the high-quality features that you expect to see at economical prices. So, have a look at the table below highlighting the specifications of Mozu earbuds. 

Model Name  Flexbuds Neo 
Battery capacity  300 mAh 
Headphone type  Truly wireless 
Inline remote  No
Connectivity  Bluetooth 
Water resistance  Yes
Series  Flexbuds 
Colour Black and White
Designed for  Android, iOS, Laptop, Smart TV, Tablets 
Driver type  Dynamic drivers 
Headphone driver unit  10 mm
Audio codec  SBC, AAC
Wireless range  10 m
Bluetooth version  5.0
Battery life  15 hr
Battery type  Lithium Polymer 
Technology used  True wireless technology 
Monaural  Yes 
Width  59.6 mm
Height  45.5 mm
Depth  25.8 mm
Weight  36 g
Price  Rs. 1290

Sleek Design

Design-wise, we found that Mozu earbuds are smaller in size and lighter in weight, which simply means that they are quite comfy to wear for long hours/ periods. As these earbuds come with silicone ear tips they ensure to offer you comfort all day long. Further, the seamless connection of the earbuds makes an instant connection the moment you take the earbuds out of the case. It is a full-touch control earbud that activates your favourite voice assistance, takes calls, controls your music, and all these can happen with the ease of a simple touch. 

Indeed, these earbuds have a comfortable fit which delivers extra bass while vocals and instruments are bright. Further, the control feature of these earbuds is fantastic as with a double tap you can attend the call and a single tap to disconnect. 

Final Overview 

Mozu Earbuds are fantastic and offer full-bodied audio at every turn. In addition, these earbuds offer great call quality, which makes them a solid choice for all kinds of scenarios. However, everything is good about these earbuds but the negative point of these earbuds is that they disconnect automatically. This is quite problematic, but overall these are nice earbuds one can consider buying. Forget not to share your experience with us in the comment section below. Hope this article was helpful to you.

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