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NPAV Net Protector – A Perfect Package To Sidestep Cyber Pitfalls?

There are simple, obvious reasons why your smartphone needs protection. Cybersecurity crimes are spiking up with time, trespassing familiar people’s privacy. Two, the security threats have evolved; they now disguise themselves as your bank or a customer representative from your telecom service provider. Since your smartphone is central to all these activities, it becomes vital to consider protecting your device. The mobile phone has your savings accounts logged in, your passwords stored, and the information about the assets you have been building for your comfortable future ahead. Therefore, in an era of immense phishing, vishing, and smishing, the intelligent computer you carry in your pocket needs the same level of protection as anything else. That makes it a great reason to review NPAV Net Protector – a popular mobile security solution that goes beyond antivirus protection. 

Features of NPAV Net Protector



We wasted no time and installed NPAV net protector on our smartphone to test it for its security and performance. Fortunately, the mobile security solution has some salient features. 

1. NPAV Triple Layer Shield

Your phone, internet, and operating software come with layers of protection, usually a firewall. Cybercriminals typically find a loophole to break the boundary and breach your privacy. NPAV Net Protector has three layers – ZV Online, Zero V Fort, and OS Firewall. A three-layered technology provides better protection against malicious apps, mobile ransomware, and a few advanced jailbreaking & rooting techniques as well.

2. Secure Payment

NPAV Net Protector
NPAV Net Protector

The Internet is a public place, like a park crowded with people; anyone can follow you on your back home. One of the most incredible illusions of our days is when we browse the internet in the solitude of our bedroom and think no one is watching. However, the user leaves thousands of footprints on the public internet, waiting for the hackers to take an interest in it. Your internet banking service or wallet comes with a secure environment when you carry out an online transaction. However, criminals find loopholes in the protection or invite you to their websites. NPAV saves you from these potential threats by scanning your files and apps for malicious files and viruses that can track or steal your payment information. The antivirus scans the device environment and works as a shield for your financial activities. It also guides you on safe wifis to use for protection.

3. Anti Phishing

Spam texts or calls are often fraudulent agents and hackers trying to steal your personal information or get you to open a link. While your phone may identify some caller IDs as spam, the NPAV mobile security solution provides more reliable protection against crimes like phishing. 

4. Updates and Upgrades

Like biological viruses, computer, and mobile viruses evolve daily owing to their creators’ constant efforts. New viruses come with a better understanding of security measures and the ways around them. Fortunately, NPAV Net Protection provides free upgrades and updates through the internet to keep your device always ready to fight against even the newest threats.

5. Anti Theft

NPAV Net Protector
NPAV Net Protector

NPAV Net Protector makes your phone an unbreakable vault with its Photo Vault, App Locks, Protection for Vulnerable Apps, and Motion Alarm. The alarm system detects any motion that displaces your phone, such as lifting it. The siren-like alarm ringtone is quite loud and an ideal option for charging or keeping your phone in a crowded place. If your smartphone is stolen, the anti-virus comes with anti-theft protections to ensure you don’t leak your essential information to criminals.

6. App Protection

The software comes with an excellent app manager and locks that list the installed apps in one place, with the installation date. The tools allow you to protect essential apps or uninstall redundant or malicious ones. 

Final Verdict

One thing is clear, NPAV does come with several handy features that protect your smartphone. Yes, there are third-party apps for a motion alarms, but they don’t work as smoothly. Moreover, the anti-virus provides 24/7 protection and keeps your phone virus free. NPAV supports its users via email, live chat, and Whatsapp, where experts help you with queries. If you suspect your phone is at risk of the latest virus threats, the experts can remotely connect with your android phone and handle the issue. 

NPAV Net Protector is a premium anti-virus with essential features to tackle phishing and theft. The updates and upgrades ensure that your Net Protector stays up to date.

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