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Why is the Annual Google Event Coming Before Schedule? 

Google has announced a significant change in the date of its upcoming hardware launch event, “Made by Google.” This event, which has always been held in October, will now take place on 13 August 2024. The highly anticipated Google Pixel 9 series will be launched at this event. 

Two reasons are expected behind Google’s early launch of Pixel 9. The first is to avoid a clash with Apple’s iPhone 16 launch, which will take place in September. If the Google Pixel 9 series rolled out first, it could take centre stage and grab the customer’s attention. Another possible reason could be controlling the rumours about Pixel 9. The tech world is already buzzing with talks about the mobile series. Rumours say that Pixel 9 phones can have round corners and larger camera bars. 

The models that are expected to be launched at the Made By Google event are Google Pixel 9 XL, Pixel 9, and Pixel 9 Pro. A long-awaited Google smartwatch, Pixel Watch 3, is also rumoured to be introduced at the “Made by Google” event. Some Android updates, such as improved security features, better performance, and AI-powered functions, are also expected to be introduced. 

According to reports, Pixel 9 phones will be equipped with a Tensor G4 processor and run on Android 15. The Pixel 9 can feature a 6.24-inch AMOLED screen, and Pro and XL models might have 6.34-inch and 6.73-inch AMOLED displays, respectively. All the phones are anticipated to have a 120 GHz refresh rate. The prices of these phones are yet to be announced. However, considering the Pixel 8 launch price, the Pixel 9 series might start at Rs 80,000 and range Rs 1,10,000. The Pixel 8 comes at Rs 75,999, and the pro model costs Rs 1,06,999. 

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