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Hey You! Amazon Alexa, Make My Home Smart

Hey Alexa! 

“Turn On Lights,” “Switch Off The TV,” or “Order Domino Pizza for me”

Humans with AI and IoT-based devices navigate a world where technology blurs the line between man and machine. People have incorporated personal AI assistants in their daily routines. As for them, Amazon Alexa came to be an independent entity that went beyond its initial function, acquiring self-consciousness and a profound perception of human feelings. 

Amazon’s biggest invention, brightest voice, and home assistant so far are making human life easier than ever. Once upon a time, people were amazed by sci-fi movies, and now, people live in a world immersed in science and advanced technology. From devices to people, everything has become smart with hyperconnectivity. Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), it emerged as the stepping stone in bridging the gap between the Virtual and Physical worlds. Amazon- the world’s largest online retailer, also identified the significance of IoT and introduced the Alexa application and device to the world to make their home SMART

As per CNBC report, “Three hundred million devices are connected with Alexa today. That’s up from 200 million less than a few years ago, and the growth is rapid.” As the need to build a smart home is increasing among people, Alexa is quickly transforming homes into comfortable and welcoming places for visitors – whether they’re calling in for an evening or staying for a while. Since Alexa is used in mobile apps and third-party devices like TVs and speakers, it allows people to embrace a robust smart home platform. In 2021, Amazon shipped 11.5% of U.S. smartphone devices, a 15.5% surge from the year before, while Google shipped 6.5% and Samsung 5.8%. 

In the fast-paced, rapidly technological-driven world, setting up a smart home is essential to keep family and friends connected, bringing favourite entertainment and ultimately making life more convenient, safer, and smarter. Luckily, Amazon’s Alexa does it all. Alexa can automate, entertain, delight, and save time with its high-tech features. 

Get Seamlessly Connected 

A true smart home requires smart home devices, and Alexa-enabled devices like Echo Show or Echo Dot are a great start. Seamlessly level up your smart home by connecting smart lights, TVs, cameras, fans, and everything that can be controlled by voice command to adjust and automate. Simply plug in or power on new smart home devices, say, “Alexa Discover Devices.” Amazon Alexa App also gives the facility to connect smart home devices, which can be used to automate your work. 

New Smart Alert For Alexa Guard

To make life convenient and automotive, Amazon introduced Alexa Guard, which allowed Alexa to detect sounds like smoke alarms and broken glass to help give peace of mind. The company has taken a step ahead and introduced “Set Guard to Away Mode,” which alerts you to the sound of activities when you’re away from home. It detects sounds, including footsteps, talking, coughing, a door closing, a faucet turning on/off, and much more.

Daily Routine, Simplified 

In the hassle-bustle of life, you often forget to follow your routine. With smart home devices, managing daily routine becomes convenient as it helps turn off Amazon Fire TV, adjust lights, and lock the door with a simple ‘voice command.’ Alexa makes several things happen with just a single request that can be customized. For instance, after setting up the Alexa routine, when you say, “Alexa, it’s bedtime,” Alexa will turn on the nightlight and start playing sleep sound. 

Smart Reordering 

According to Amazon, Alexa proactively lets you know when to replace something, for example, a smart lock or security camera battery and helps place the order. With this smart feature, Alexa will let you know when it’s time to reorder something. Simply set up a smart reordering feature to enable Alexa to reorder supplies before running out. 

CNBC report says that Amazon dominates the $113 billion smart home market. As per Amazon, all these new capabilities and data coming in will help devices work in unison with what it calls “ambiance intelligence.” Amazon’s Smart Home Lab in Seattle, Simone Koopmans, Finance Manager at Amazon, demonstrated how its smart features can save customers money on their electricity bills by automatically turning off when they’re away, using something called Alexa, “Hunches.” All the data collected by smart home devices teach Alexa about your routine, she said. 

The growing concern to save time,  money and security has become people’s priority. Alexa emerged as a catalyst to empower and facilitate tasks by automation and metamorphosing traditional homes into smart homes.


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