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iPhone Security Tips: Stay Ahead Of Cyber Threats

Historically, iOS has not been a paramount target for hackers. For one, it’s pretty secure, and second, hackers think they have a bigger fish to fry than the average phone user. While iOS security weaknesses are rare, the previous years have proved that any kind of threat can be really damaging for iOS users. While iOS security gets plenty of well-deserved praise, the Apple marketing hype of ‘unhackable’ isn’t 100% true. Although iOS security is more powerful and excellent than Android smartphones but relying on it without worrying about it isn’t ideal for any iOS user. A new study in Britain discovered that iPhone owners are 167 times more at risk of being hacked than Android phone users. 

Taking iPhone security and vulnerability into account, in September 2022, the company released a batch of security updates to support their devices against newly identified zero-day vulnerabilities. The devices that were affected include iPhones, iPads, Macs, and more, so this was the eighth such vulnerability that was identified in 2022. Since any kind of vulnerability will allow hackers to take full control of their devices, iPhone security requires serious and consistent attention. On this, the company said the vulnerability meant a hacker would get “full admin access” to the device. 

‘Apple has disclosed some pretty serious security vulnerabilities for iPhones, iPads, and Macs that could potentially allow hackers to take complete control over these devices.’ 

Jake Moore, Global Cybersecurity Advisor at ESET Internet Security, told MailOnline.

By any chance, if the iPhone gets exploited, hackers would be able to see location, read messages, view contact lists, and can potentially even access the microphone and camera. This would be really harmful to any iOS user. According to Forbes, one can easily avoid data loss and hacking issues by following the iPhone security tips. 

Install software And Security Updates 

Not updating any smartphone on time would create a way for attacks to hack any device. It is crucial to ensure that the iPhone is running on the latest iOS version. Timely installation of software and security updates is a vital part of maintaining  Apple iPhone security. Just like Google releases Algorithm updates regularly, Apple too releases iOS updates on a regular basis. These are important updates to coming with security patches programmed to fix bugs and vulnerabilities. 

Avoid Clicking Foreign Links

There is a quest among every smartphone user to click on unfamiliar links without knowing the consequences of it. Just like in any other device, there are specific rules which are adhered to on the iPhone – avoid clicking unfamiliar links is among those rules. There are many ways users can see foreign links through text messages, email accounts, random websites, etc. Unfamiliar links can direct anyone to potentially risky web pages, which leads to the compromise of Apple iPhone Security. Thankfully, there are safe browsing services available by using which threats can be mitigated.

Disable Autofill Option 

It is true that the autofill option in iPhone devices brings convenience, and it also eliminates the hassle of typing in usernames and passwords every time when it is required to log in. Regardless of how handy this feature is, it can potentially pose an iPhone security threat. Therefore, security experts suggest disabling this feature. When the phone is stolen, the culprit can possibly unlock the phone without putting in the extra effort. To prevent issues like this, disabling the Autofill option is the best choice. Though it might cause inconvenience, it is still an important measure to enhance iPhone security. It will surely reduce unauthorized logins to any online accounts.

Download An iPhone Security App 

In the past few years, iPhone security has become the biggest security issue among its users. Taking preventive methods by oneself isn’t enough at all. One needs a top-grade mobile application that can work as a shield to protect devices from any kind of harmful attack. Though it is said that iPhones are designed to be more secure than Android phones, it is still susceptible to security threats. That is why installing an iPhone security app is an ideal option for every iPhone user. Comodo Mobile Security App is packed with a range of powerful features dedicated to offering excellent iPhone protection. 

Keep your iPhone Security Intact with iPhone Security Tips

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