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TickTick: A Journey from Simple To-Do App To Top Productivity App

Maximising productivity during work is a concern for many professionals, which can be done with a to-do application. Emptying your brain from a load of task management will allow your brain to focus on what’s important and utilise the mental energy on the task you are working on. Since there are plenty of to-do applications available on Play  Store, finding one that suits your working style can be formidable because some of them are too basic, considerably slow, unmanageable, aesthetically unappealing or excessively priced. However, Tick Tick for Android effectively resolves all these issues. 

A Must-Try Task Management Application For Android  

Launched in 2013, TickTick is the successor of Google Tasks, formally known as GTasks, which was once listed as one of the best task management apps at the Google Play Store. 

TickTick has a lot of additional functionalities than GTasks and can sync across diverse platforms. It is a reliable tool for professionals, small businesses or individuals that need to manage their tasks without making much effort on the learning curve. 

Let’s talk about the reasons why experts are considering TickTick among the best To-Do apps for android. 

Simplified Interface that Suits Most Users 

At first glance, its interface wouldn’t give a feel of anything special, but the difference could be felt once the user starts using the application. Usability, readability and simplicity are the most vital attributes of its design, and nothing is more crucial for an application rather than these attributes. The application follows a three-panel approach, where the primary panel displays the current list of tasks, the left panel allows users to switch between different lists, and the right panel displays the details and enables editing. 

Create Notes, Leave Comments and Attach Files

TickTick is different from most to-do apps since it allows you to keep notes for every task. It has unlimited space for this and is separate from comments. Compared to other to-do apps, TickTick allows users to write descriptions, while most to-do apps allow putting short comments only. 

TickTick also facilitates user-based comments, as if notes are not enough. These are useful when working on a task with others to flesh out detailed information or leave informational alerts. Additionally, users can attach voice memos, screenshots, pictures, documents files, links with optimum ease and convenience. 

Sorting Tasks As Per Their Importance 

Sorting tasks is something that makes an individual puzzled during Task Management, and with TickTick one can do it without much hassle. The application allows setting priorities of tasks as high, medium and low. However, lists do not task by default, but a user can enable priority sorting as per the need. 

The features we discussed above come with the free plan which has some limitations. There are many premium features, and users have to pay to access them. When it comes to task management, some users will find it too simple while others may consider it too advanced. In reality, TickTick is ideal for those who just need a simplified app to manage their tasks effectively without beating the bush on the learning curve.

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