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Top 10 Best Paytm Earning Apps: Your Ticket To Get Rich

Earning money is getting harder day by day. Although there are many ways to earn money, what if we tell you that you can earn money easily while sitting at your home and playing games? Too good to be true? Well, it might be too good, but it is definitely true. Today, we have brought you the best Paytm earning apps that you can download from Google and earn money easily. 

Best Earning App For Paytm Cash

There are many apps through which you can earn money online; some of the best Paytm earning apps are as follows:

1- Paytm First Games

The first one of the best Paytm earning apps is Paytm’s first games. This is an offering by Paytm itself. It was previously known as Gamepind Pro. You can play a plethora of interesting and innovative games here, and you can also take part in quizzes and trivia to earn Paytm cash. It has more than 10 million monthly users with more than 20 crore merchandise offerings. You can easily access this app by opening your Paytm and then searching for Paytm First Games on the search bar above. 


Another one of the best Paytm earning apps is GamezOP, an amazing app that allows its users to earn money just by playing games online. You can play games from various categories like Action-adventure, Puzzles and quizzes, Racing sports, Arcade and many more. The best thing about this Paytm earning app with proof is that you can directly withdraw your winnings to your Paytm account or you can recharge your mobile phone through the app. Moreover, there is no minimum transaction limit. You can withdraw as much of your earnings as you want. 

3- TaskBucks

Every one of us spends immeasurable time on the Internet every day. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could also get paid for it? If this thought ever crossed your mind, then this is the best Paytm earning app for you. TaskBucks is an online earning app that pays you to play games, complete surveys and for referrals. You can also take quizzes on the platform and earn money daily. So it is time to put your internet surfing skills to some good use and earn money easily from home. 

4- BulbSmash

BulbSmash is, like the name suggests, a bulb smash game. This is one of the best Paytm earning apps that offers its users money to play games and for referrals to friends. In the game, you have to smash bulbs using a slingshot in a set amount of time to earn coins and gifts. You can earn unlimited coins by playing at a super level, or you can invite your friends to play at a super level. This is one of the best ways of earning rewards through entertainment.

5- Qureka 

Qureka is a live trivia app that is among the best Paytm earning apps out there. In this game, you have to answer a series of questions at a particular time and after the commencement of the game, your winnings will directly go to your Paytm account. The best thing about this app is that when someone joins with your referral code, you are given a 50% share of the winnings of that person on the app. 

6- Snooper App

The Snooper app is a referral-earning app, meaning you earn money after referring it to your friends and family. This is a community app where people can share jokes, memes, quotes, shayari, Bollywood news, and many other things. Upon signing up, you will get ₹10; for every referral, you can get ₹10. The services this app offers and the fact that it pays for it, make it one of the best Paytm free earning apps on the market today.

7- RozDhan App

RozDhan is a new video-sharing app that lets you share short videos, much like Instagram and YouTube. Short video media format is trending nowadays, and you can earn free Paytm cash by uploading short videos on this app. You can also refer to this as one of the best Paytm earning apps for your friends and family to earn real cash that can be easily transferred to your Paytm account. 

8- Quizistan

Quizistan is a trivia app that pays you to play the game and take quizzes. You can take these quizzes anytime and anywhere to earn real cash from this best Paytm earning app. So this kills two birds with one stone, you can sharpen your mind and general knowledge and earn some cash quickly. 

 9- Helo App

Helo app is a social help where people can share viral content or daily news with their friends and family. You can earn money from this app after you refer it to your friends and family. The most appealing thing about this Paytm earning app is that it pays ₹350 per referral, which is more than any other app on the market, making it one of the best Paytm earning apps. 

10- Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the best Paytm earning apps available right now. This app pays you to discover new products, take surveys, and upload supermarket receipts. Upon signing in on the app you will get $10 instantly. You can earn real Paytm cash from this app easily. 

Our Take

Many apps allow you to earn money online, but these are the best Paytm earning apps on the market today. Each one of these apps will pay you money to complete daily tasks. However, before downloading or playing games on any app, make sure you read about the app first and then download it.

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