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How to Install Yoda on Kodi: [Updated Guide]

Yoda is the popular Kodi addon. It is a complete entertainment platform, but most kodi users struggle to install it. If you wish to learn how to install Yoda on Kodi, this post will provide every required detail about the Yoda add-on to upgrade your entertainment. 

What is Yoda Addon?

Yoda Kodi addon is a multi-source entertainment platform based on Exodus/Covenant. Yoda add-on allows users to stream Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, and much more in high-definition and 4K resolution quality. 

The Yoda Kodi add-on is easy to use and comes with a large content library. If you wonder how to install Yoda on Kodi, we will discuss the step-to-step guide soon in the below section. It offers high-end services and a wide collection of content in different languages, especially English.  

With Yoda, there are possibilities of serious threat to your system as the government, Kodi addon developer, or even hacker can monitor your streaming services. Therefore, you should need a VPN for streaming Yoda to protect your internet connection and activities from third parties. 

Before you learn how to install Yoda on Kodi, know whether it is safe to use. 

Is Yoda Kodi Safe to Use?

Like any other Kodi addon, Yoda allows users to stream video content at high quality. Yoda is the unofficial add-on to Kodi that protects the open-source entertainment platform from attack by ISPs and anti-piracy agencies. 

If we talk about its safety, generally Kodi add-ons are unsafe. It is to be said that many Kodi addons may contain viruses that may pose a threat to your system and every documentary saved on it. Unless you take any precautionary measures, your documents, file, or private data can be exposed to the threat. 

Also, bear in mind before knowing how to install Yoda on Kodi, it is illegal to use. It doesn’t have the authority to distribute the video content over the internet. This might be one of the reasons why it is unsafe to use. 

Note- We are not recommending you to use or install Yoda as it is a pirated add-on and downloading and using pirated websites is an illegal and punishable offense. Anti-piracy laws are active worldwide and anti-pirated agencies are working hard to reach digital pirates. 

Without further ado, let’s discuss the step-to-step guide on How to Install Yoda on Kodi. 

Quick Steps on How to Install Yoda on Kodi

Installing the Yoda add-on is a quick and easy process. Follow the below-mentioned simple guide carefully and install Yoda in just a few steps. 

Step 1. Start with opening Kodi on your browser. 

Step 2. Go to Settings (gear icon), and open the file manager. 

Step 3. Double click the Add source, a dialogue box will appear. 

Step 4. Type URL address in the bar: http://www.lvtvv.com/repo/. Click OK to give the media source the name Kodil. Click OK again to close the dialog box.  

Step 5. Go back to the Main Menu, Click Add-on, and then Box Icon from the top left corner. 

Step 6. Choose Install from the Zip file, click on Kodil and select the respiratory.kodil-1.3.zip and wait for the notification. 

Step 7. Next click on install from Repository option>Kodi Israel Repository>open video Add-ons folder

Step 8. A list will open on the screen, scroll to find Yoda. 

Step 9. Choose Yoda, click Install and wait for the notification.

Step 10. It will take a few seconds, wait until it installs completely. 

Step 11. Once it is installed completely, enjoy the latest movies and other video content at HD quality. 

This is how to install Yoda on Kodi in a simple and easy way. Do you want to know more Kodi add-ons that can help you to chase your favorite content or let you stream recently released movies? We will provide you with some best Kodi add-ons other than Yoda. 

Check out the list of Yoda alternatives and choose which best fits you. 

Best Yoda Alternatives You can Install For Updated Features 

Before we jump on the list of best Yoda Kodi alternatives, let us tell you that each alternative serves unique features and functions. When you know how to install Yoda on Kodi, make use of it for the features that other alternatives don’t contain. 

In this list, we have tried to include the best Kodi add-ons with their features and functions. So have a look over the details cautiously and select the most useful addon for your Kodi. 


Covenant is the best Kodi Exodus alternative available for Kodi users. If you get bored streaming the same content, get this addon installed now. There are a number of methods you can use to download and install Covenant. Choose the easiest and simplest way and enjoy the latest entertainment content. 


FilmRise is another popular alternative that offers unlimited entertainment content to users. This add-on is the most reliable platform to stream new movies titles, TV shows, and other video content. If you’re using Kodi regularly, you can simply install this Yoda alternative from the official respiratory hassle-free. If you’re confused about how to install or use this, we have already discussed the step to step guide on how to install Yoda on Kodi. Learn and install to stream the latest content in high quality. 

Neptune Rising

Neptune Rising is a special treat for Kodi users who love to stream different movies in their free time. Since you’re looking for the best Kodi add-on or Yoda alternative, you must check Neptune Rising which is currently a popular add-on offering plenty of content on different niches. 

The Magic Dragon

The reason behind including The Magic Dragon is its large content library. This add-on is considered the best Yoda alternative as it provides users with tons of movies, documentaries, music videos, etc. This is the perfect Kodi add-on for those who wish to watch the fresh content every time they land on the website. 


Midian is the best Kodi add-on for Kodi users who always wish to stream different types of entertainment stuff. It offers a variety of TV channels that allow users to stream 24*7 live sports, fitness channels, along with holiday clubs, movies, documentaries, etc. If you’re not familiar with the installation process, you can consider installing Yodi that has quite a simple installation. You have already come across the simple process of How to Install Yoda on Kodi. 


Last but not least on the list is Nemesis. This Kodi add-on contains a collection of different genre content that Kodi users can stream using this app. The best part is that the add-on is easy to install and use. 

Final Words

Yoda is the popular but pirated Kodi add-on. It may contain viruses that may damage your system or data. Using VPN before installing or using this addon is the best and secure choice. We hope you found this guide on How to Install Yoda on Kodi helpful. Do let us know if you have any queries or demands on a specific topic in the comment section. We’ll try to come up with the results in the least possible time. Thank You!

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