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Earning Rewards Through Entertainment

With 180 million monthly active users growing in popularity, ShareChat, a multilingual social media platform, has a community of 32 million+ creators and 75 million+ per month of user-generated content. The Indian social media platform gained momentum amidst the global pandemic when the profits shot up to 14 million daily users on average between August 2019 and January 2021. The pandemic proved to be a golden year for this social media platform as the platform got investors like Google, Temasek, and Times Internet, which helped raise the valuation up to 5 times. 

Incorporated on 8 January 2015, the application has reached significant milestones and has become India’s fastest-growing social network. The company has its headquarters in Bengaluru, and the team is spreading globally across the USA, Europe, and India. The founders of the company, Ankush Sachdeva, Bhanu Pratap Singh, and Farid Ahsan, made up the app to help people build substantial connections. 

ShareChat functions as a social media platform that allows its users to interact, post, make short videos, status updates, and upload blogs, all in all, stay connected with the world. This homegrown app gained popularity when the video-sharing app TikTok was banned in India. The app allows users to get access to content in 15 different regional languages, and along with entertainment, users can also make money by using the app. Simply posting relevant content on the platform can be a good source of side income, and selecting a niche before posting can improve the chances of earning. There are multiple channels that the users can work with to make money, and here are a few of them that can ensure a continuous flow of side income via ShareChat. 

1. Bank Rs 80,000 By Referring

The best way to earn a sure shot income of Rs. 80,000 is by referring the app to others. ShareChat allows its users to earn some amount (up to Rs.40) for every person that uses the referral link to download the app. The money earned comes in the form of a ‘lifafa,’ out of which the first ‘lifafa’ can be redeemed immediately, and the subsequent one takes a time of 4 days before you can encash it. The only catch is that there is a limit to the number of referrals you can send throughout a month. The app limits it to 20,000 referrals in a span of 30 days, which amounts to Rs.80,000, only if all the referral links are used.

2. Shoutout To Other Profiles 

Having a considerable number of fan following on the app and a regular content posting schedule can make a good source of earnings. ShareChat has a good reach, which makes gaining followers a tad bit simpler. Accounts and profiles with a larger audience base promote other creators and pages to improve their engagement and reach. The app allows its users to build up their presence and promote other relevant pages. It not only restricts to promoting pages of other creators but brands and companies are on the lookout for such influencers to promote their products and services. Influencers with a high fan following can earn by promoting products that are in sync with the niche. Once established on the platform, different channels to earn money open up for the creators.

3. The Old School Way |Affiliate Marketing 

The tried and tested way to earn money via social media is Affiliate marketing. This way of earning functions on commissions and margins, and the creator gets a commission by promoting a company’s product on ShareChat. This is one of the most conventional ways using which bloggers and other creators earn money online. According to a report by Insider Intelligence, affiliate marketing is one of the top sources of income for 31% of the respondents. 

4. A Unique Way To Earn| Champion Program

Exclusive to the platform, the Champion Program is a fun, creator-centric program that ShareChat uses. The platform allows creators to showcase and present short videos and clips. The creator on the platform is expected to make five short videos using the in-app camera, based on which the creator’s entry into the competition is decided. Participation in the competition depends on the uniqueness and creativity of the creator, as the jury evaluates the video clips on strict parameters. Once selected for the competition, a star will appear on the profile, which gives access to the leaderboard, where the videos will be evaluated based on user engagement and the authenticity of the content. If the video gets selected and ranks well on the leaderboard, the creators can get rewards up to Rs.50,000. 

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