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Mivi DuoPods K7: Taking Audio Experience A Notch Higher 

India’s first audio manufacturing tech brand has added yet another premium product to the already growing list of audio accessories. The Mivi DuoPods K7 are a new addition to the brand’s legacy. Mivi has been making and designing its audio products in India, and this homegrown brand is acing the game with its quality and distinct style. 

The Mivi DuoPods K7 is another product enlisted in the list of the best audio accessories by Mivi. Decently priced at Rs. 1,299, the earphones have captured a good share of the domestic market owing to its quality and features. 

About The Brand: Mivi

MIVI: India’s first audio manufacturing tech brand has been operating in the field since 2015. Founded by Viswanadh Kandula and Midhula Devabhaktuni, the brand has a line of accessories, including speakers, headphones, Bluetooth earphones, wireless earbuds, chargers, etc. The homegrown company provides premium quality hearables and wearables at affordable prices. This D2C brand works on manufacturing and designing products in India. 

About DuoPods K7 

The Mivi DuoPods K7 is an AI-enabled Environmental Noise Cancelling (AI-ENC) Earbud designed and manufactured in India under the brand name Mivi. The products’ premium quality and best-in-class features make it one of the top choices for earbuds under the mid-range segment. From looks and appearance to connectivity, The DuoPods K7 ticks all the boxes to be one of the best earbuds in India.

An Immersive Audio Experience | AI-Based Noise Cancellation

To ensure that there is no hindrance while calling and listening to music uninterrupted, the Mivi DuoPods K7 is characterised by AI-ENC. This AI-enabled noise cancelling improves the overall audio experience of the users, and the environmental noise is cancelled by AI-powered technology to provide an immersive audio experience. 

50 Hours Non-Stop |Super Fast Charging Speed

With a combined playback time of 50 hours, the “Made In India” earbuds are facing the competition head-on by improving their features and quality. Mivi DuoPods K7 has a Type- C fast charging, which allows you to charge the earbuds quickly. 10 min charge means a playtime of 500 minutes. The earbuds can play for 10 hours without the case, while the total playback time is  50 hours with the earbud case.

Bedazzling Range| Appearance Unmatched 

Not only do the earbuds have an unsurpassed audio experience, but Mivi has not left any stone unturned to give a premium appearance to the earbuds. The DuoPods K7 are glazed with a superior grade material to give it a shiny finish, and special attention has been given to the shape of the charging case. The earbuds come in five unique colours, from popping bright to subtle and soothing shades. (Coral, Ivory, Galaxy Black, Jass Blue and Mint Green). 

A Distinctive Feature | Powerful Bass

The best part about the Mivi DuoPods K7 is the powerful bass. The product features a deep bass with a frequency response of 20 Hz (Min) – 20 kHz (Max), giving crystal clear audio while on a call or enjoying music. The Octa Bass tech gives a profound and powerful bass effect, and when combined with 13mm dynamic drivers, and custom amplifiers, the overall audio experience hits the high road. This immersive feature is not only the best for business calls and meetings, but the earbuds perform best while playing video games, as it has a low latency of 50ms, reducing the chances of audio lag. 

The List Goes On | Additional Features 

Apart from the features mentioned above, the Mivi DuoPods K7 have IPX 4, making it water resistant and a good choice for harsh conditions. You can easily go for a jog or train hard in the gym without worrying about the earbuds.

The Mivi DuoPods K 7 have distinct connectivity features with a wireless range of 10m without any cracks and disturbances in the audio. It has 3.5 Bluetooth connectivity, which provides a stable wireless connection over a prolonged play time without any interruption. 

The inline features of the earbuds make it all the more desirable and worthwhile. A single tap can increase and decrease the volume, change the music, and let you switch between modes and whatnot! 

Unboxing The Product: 

If and when you buy the Mivi DuoPods K7, ensure all these elements and items are inside the box. 

  • User Manual
  • Welcome Card
  • Warranty Card
  • Extra Pair Of earbuds(Large, Small)
  • Type A to Type C Charging Cable 
  • Earphone Case 

Is It Worth Buying? 

After analysing and evaluating the product on different parameters, Mivi DuoPods K7 can undoubtedly be claimed as a quality product packed with a variety of features. The search for the best earbuds in the price range between Rs. 1,000- Rs. 1,500 can end with Mivi DuoPods K7. The earbuds are unmatched in looks and uncompromised in sound quality, the best to get your hands on!

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