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7 Beauty Apps That Make You Look Pretty Without Makeup

Hey Gorgeous!

Are you looking for apps that make you look pretty? It is time to install some beauty camera apps on your smartphones to improve your photography skills. 

When it comes to clicking pictures, we all look for perfection. With the rise of the picture-centric social media world, where everybody wishes to look beautiful and increase their followers, beauty apps are essential to make yourself look better. Besides enhancing the picture quality, they can add some awesome effects to your photos, making them insta-ready. 

With many beauty apps that make you look pretty, it isn’t easy to choose the right one. If you do not know which beauty app is best for taking selfies, you do not need to worry anymore. We have done a nice job of picking the best free apps to make you look better. Let’s find the best beauty filter app to turn ordinary photos into extraordinary ones. 

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Well, we appreciate every woman’s beauty. With these apps that make you look pretty, we just want to add more stars to your natural beauty. This list contains android and iOS camera apps that will keep you ahead in the highly competitive social media market. 

1. AirBrush

If you are looking for the best free app to make photos look better, AirBrush is undoubtedly the best app for taking selfies and making your photos worth sharing. The app is user-friendly and has some best effects that will give your picture a stunning look. From top to bottom, this app will focus on everything with its different features such as retouching tools, photo effects, filter options like celestial & elements filters, and artistic retouching filters. All these features will help you remove all acne blemishes and also make your gorgeous eyes brighter. 

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2. YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup is one of the best apps that make you look pretty. Whether you want to give yourself a bit of touch-up, like adding lip colour or eyeliner, or completely transforming your look, this best beauty filter app will help you discover how gorgeous you can be. With some tools and effects, you can add eyelashes and give the desired shape to your eyebrows. Not only this, some high-quality face filters make your skin smooth and glowing while making it look natural. 

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3. Retrica

On the list of apps that make you look pretty, Retrica is the most popular one. It is a free beauty app for android and iOS users to make your picture more special. Retrica offers fantastic features like zoom blur effects, time stamping, viewfinders, use of different colours and lights to make your pictures more attractive than before. This app has the best filter that makes you look beautiful with just a few taps. So if you are looking for better-looking selfies with mesmerising effects, Retrica is the app you should download right now. 

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4. Beauty Plus 

Do you want a free app to make photos look better even if you do not have a high-end camera phone? BeautyPlus is a free beauty app for android and iOS that can enhance your photos with a single tap. It is one of the apps that makes you look pretty. Beauty Plus allows you to be creative with your pictures. Show your creativity with app features like lipstick, eye shadow, eyebrows and more. You can enhance your natural beauty by reshaping your nose, eyes, & lips and also making your skin smooth. 

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5. Camera360

You can now make your pictures more beautiful with Camera360, a free app to make your photos look better. Camera360 has 21 micro-adjustment features to sharpen your face cuts and remove all the scars and blemishes instantly. With the beautifying tools, you can now get more appealing pictures. Plus, you can give a nice shape to your body and face. With some effects, you can achieve a complete look. So whenever you search for apps that make you look pretty, think about Camera360; it is the best beauty app. 

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6. Cymera Camera

With more than 200 million users, Cymera Camera has become one of the apps that make you look pretty. This beauty app allows you to turn your basic selfies into the most-loving pictures. The unique features of Cymera Camera will give your photo a professional look. The app will revamp the blur picture and can add the effects like mirror photos, face stickers, hairstyles, muscles, tattoos, face, etc. Despite being a free app to make photos look better, it supports a wide range of camera lenses to give your face a natural-looking glow. 

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7. FaceTune2

If you want to create a perfect portrait or capture better-looking selfies, FaceTune2 is the best beauty filter app. With some award-winning features that can eliminate blemishes, pores and pimples, you can get amazing pictures within a few seconds. FaceTune2 comes with super advanced technology that ranks it among the best apps that make you look pretty. Do you want to give a touch-up to your natural beauty? FaceTune2 is the best option. 

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So all the gorgeous ladies, it is time to look more beautiful with these camera beauty apps. You can download all these apps from Google Play Store or App Store for free. Use them and post the best version of yourself on Instagram!

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