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Don’t Miss Even A Word Said Using Call Recording App

It is said that “Precaution is Better Than Cure” and it seems completely apt for the situation that people are facing in the world where cybercrime, phone fraud and other types of technological malpractices are increasing exponentially. With the advancement of technology, the ill use of technology is also growing. In such a  scenario, to save oneself from any kind of deceit, it is important to be aware and cautious of any such kind of fraud. 

A lot of the time it so happens that an important piece of information is missed out on a phone call or due to poor network connectivity, the information is not clear. This might lead you into a lot of trouble. So to save you from such trouble, Call Recording Apps are being put to use. 

For any important call that you might have to attend or any meeting with your manager that you were unable to attend, in times like these is the importance of call recording apps realised. This article will let you know about the best call recording apps that you can download on your smartphones and record all your important calls. 

Are You Doing Something Illegal? 

A lot of confusion revolves around the call recording aspect and the legalities that it comes with. Recording without the other person’s consent is a breach of privacy but presenting call recordings in the court is considered evidence. This hypocrisy will find an end here itself. 

It is much known that recording a conversation and tracing caller id without consent is not legaL, It becomes a violation of the right to privacy , but if the person recording is also a part of the conversation, then there is no legal action against recording. The only thing is that the other person can sue you for a privacy breach. 

Now talking about call recordings being presented as evidence in the court. Call recordings can be one of the most important pieces of information to solve a case, so call recordings are admissible in court under section 65B Certificate of Indian Evidence Act 1872. 

To answer the question “Is using call recording apps illegal?”, No, it is not illegal to use call recording apps unless they are misused. 

Best Call Recording Apps

Look at the list of the best phone call recording apps that you can download on your mobile phones so that you don’t miss out on any important information on the call. 

1. Automatic Call Recorder 

This call recording app lets you record and save calls that you want to. The app is available for android users and it allows saving the recording to the cloud as well. The automatic call recorder also allows you to store your calls in the inbox as well. The app also allows the users to download a pro version of the app and avail some other premium features as well. 

2. Cube Call Recorder

Cube call recorder is one of the best call recording apps for android phones. The app is technically sound and is filled with a lot of unique features like recording VOIP conversations. Apart from phone calls the app also supports whatsapp calls, skype calls, Facebook, Emo, Hangout and a lot of other platforms as well. The app also provides a very clear sound quality and an easy to use interface. 

3. True Caller

Apart from being a phone call recording app, Truecaller also warns you against any scam or fraud calls that you can avoid beforehand so that you can avoid such calls. Truecaller has a user-friendly interface and can also work as a messaging app. The app also provides you to block unwanted calls. If you upgrade to a premium subscription you can have an add free experience of the app and enjoy features like announcing calls and using incognito mode to view other people’s profiles. 

4. Smart Voice Recorder

The easy to use interface of the apps makes it one of the best call recording apps that serves the correct purposes. The app provides long time recording in high quality. Some of the interesting characteristics this app features are skipping silence mode and recording in the background to name a few. Apart from this, the app also allows users to save, pause , resume and cancel the recording at any time. 

5. TapeACall Pro

Enough of the call recording app for android, now a little something for Iphone users as well.TapeACall Pro is one of the call recording apps for Ios supporting devices. The app allows to record incoming and outgoing calls, save recordings on drive and dropbox, share recordings in Mp3 format etc. The user-friendly interface makes it the first preference of Iphone users to record calls. 

End Note 

Knowingly or unknowingly, sometimes important information on a call is missed and skipped. Now how do you retrieve the information that was conveyed? The call recording apps can bring back the information that you skipped while taking an important call. Call recording apps can work wonders if in case you skipped an important piece of information or you want to listen to an archived conversation.

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