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A Heaven For Manga Readers| The Best Manga Sites

“People’s lives don’t end when they die. It ends when they lose faith.” – Itachi Uchiha | Naruto Shippuden

Relatable? Wait for more! If you are an anime/manga fan, then you have landed just the right article.

If you like Light Yagami, Naruto Uzumaki and Satoru Gojo more than real people, cling to your seats to unfold the best manga sites that you can use to read your favourite Japanese comic. 

The craze of Japanese comics and drama is at an all-time high and is touching a million hearts with its unique storyline and out-of-the-world depictions of characters and scenes. There are some online sources which you can utilise to read manga without any interruptions. Read this article to get the list of the best manga sites that you can use to watch your favourite manga. 


One of the most popular anime and manga sites is Crunchyroll. You can get access to the latest manga comics and the latest series. Along with access to anime, mobile games, other events and a collection of merchandise, the site also has a section separately dedicated to manga. If you are a manga lover, Crunchyroll is the site for you. It  not only gives you a vast collection of anime and manga content, but it also provides Hindi dubbed versions and some free versions for users to enjoy. 

Manga Plus

“Manga Plus by SHUEISHA” is another platform for manga readers who want to get access to the latest manga comics and other anime content. Founded in January 2019, the mobile app allows the reader to read manga comics, chapter by chapter, simultaneously as they are released in Japan. Manga sites like these publish the best and the most recent manga comics, including Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Bleach and a lot more! You can add a comic to your “favourites” and read it later. The readers are also given a chance to post a comment to support and appreciate the creator. A noteworthy point is the availability of the comic in Spanish! 


To get free access to read comics online, MangaKakalot is one of the best manga sites that readers can use. It is an online platform that provides free access to the best collection of manga series. This manga site has over 40 genres of manga. A notable feature of the website is its dedicated webpage for each comic, making it easier for the reader to read the entire comic. The site allows the reader to choose the best out of the vast library of content available on the manga site, and the content is also updated at regular intervals. 

Manga Owl

As one of the best Manga sites, Manga Owl has a user-friendly interface and provides access to the latest and the best manga comic series. The site was taken down a while ago due to copyright infringement issues, but it is now back with a new website. You can use this manga site to read and download manga for free. The site also allows readers to download comics with good image quality. The site updates more than 65 new titles daily with new releases from Japanese and Korean publishers. The site has manga comics falling into romance, drama and action categories. The site does not require any personal details to read the comics for free. 

Comic Walker

A legal manga site for all Japanese comic readers. It is a versatile site that allows the user to make the most out of the site. It has a separate section for the users to see all the new releases and has categories divided on the basis of ratings so that you can see the best comic from the publisher. The site has the latest collection of the best manga, and the interface of the site makes it all the more suitable for the reader. So if you are searching for the best manga sites, then you should consider Comic Walker as a part of your list. 


Amongst the most interactive manga sites, Comio has a vast collection of manga ranging from Naruto to Dragon Ball. The site also provides an interactive interface for the readers, making reading manga comics fun and lively. The platform is essentially Japanese, so non-natives have to translate the site before accessing the comic content. Readers can also comment on the titles and chapters while reading, which makes the manga site engaging. The content is divided into categories based on genres, ratings and latest additions, adding to user engagement. 

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Last on the list of the best manga sites for readers is MangaPlanet. Once you sign up on the site, you can get access to manga comics along with a bunch of other additional features. The site features blogs along with recommendations, and you can also schedule your favourite manga releases so that you don’t miss out on anything. The manga site also allows the readers to get access to some interviews with creators. So, all in all, MangaPlanet does justice to its name and provides a whole new universe for manga readers. 

If you enjoy Japanese comics and series, these Manga sites can help you to get access to the latest manga comics without delay. Some of the sites listed in the blog may be down temporarily, but all in all, with all these manga sites, you can dive into the universe of Japanese comics and allow yourself to have an immersive and surreal experience without interruptions. 


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