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Productivity Powerhouse Apps: Boost Your Productivity

Today, mobile phones are the lifeline for billions of people worldwide. However, these mobile devices are rendered useless unless they have an app for using their hardware. For instance, a mobile phone’s camera is useless without a camera app. However, these apps have become increasingly intuitive as we move forward, and due to this, our mobile devices consume most of our time and decrease our productivity. What if we tell you we have some apps that will increase your productivity by many folds? Too hard to believe? In this blog, we will look at some of the productivity powerhouse apps that will increase your productivity for good and help you meet the demands of a modern workspace. 

Productivity Powerhouse Apps To Take Your Productivity To The Next Level

#1 Calendly

Scheduling meetings is one of business owners’ most time-consuming, repetitive tasks. However, Calendly is a Productivity powerhouse app that can help you save some of your much-valued time. It works by integrating with your existing calendar and automating the scheduling of meetings so that you don’t have to send emails every time there is a meeting. This can save you time, which you can utilise in more important tasks. Moreover, it studies your preferences and schedules meetings according to that. 

#2 LastPass

Remembering passwords for all your accounts is extremely hard and inefficient. However, passwords are among the most important things in today’s workspace. Even the smallest of apps, software, and websites require ID and password to give access. What if we tell you you don’t have to remember several passwords? You just have to remember one password and be set for life. The LastPass is a Productivity powerhouse app that allows you to store passwords from various platforms in a single place. It auto-fills the ID and password wherever it is required. Here, you can store as many passwords as you want without any problems. 

#3 Duolingo

If you’ve been wanting to learn a new language but don’t have time for it or don’t know where to start, Duolingo can help you a lot. It is a free app that lets you learn new languages in a particular time frame of your liking. It gives you a series of multiple-choice questions, spoken responses, fill-in-the-blanks and listening quizzes to help you move from basic to conversational fluency. This way, you can easily learn a new language without dedicatedly attending classes. You can learn a new language and keep doing your important tasks simultaneously. This is what makes it one of the best Productivity powerhouse apps in the market today. 

#4 Pocket

Internet unavailability is also one reason why our productivity sometimes drops. However, if you read articles and blogs to stay productive, this Productivity powerhouse app, Pocket, can help you greatly. It works by bookmarking and saving your articles and blogs offline so you can read them later without needing an internet connection. Moreover, it converts articles or blogs to printable content, which can be useful for people who prefer reading hard copies of articles. Additionally, you can use this platform on your phone, Tablet and PC. Anything you save on either of these devices can be accessed by a single device as the articles you saved get synched up. 

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#5 Freedom

As mentioned above, some apps can be very disturbing and cause you to lose focus, especially when you are in the middle of an important task. This is where Freedom comes in. Freedom is an AI-powered web and app blocker that helps you create a custom blocklist for your social media websites, news websites, and any other platform that may disrupt your workflow. This way, you can ensure that your focus is solely on your project or whatever it is that you’re doing. For this reason, we consider this one of the best Productivity powerhouse apps right now. 

#6 Grammarly

Today, we regularly have to draft applications and emails. Email and applications must be articulated to convey exactly what you want to say to be professional and effective. You can only do this with the right grammar, no typos, engaging sentences and no redundant phrases. But how do you ensure that your applications or emails meet all these requirements? You can count on Grammarly for these things. It is an AI-based Productivity powerhouse app that analyses how you write and gives suggestions to make your content more engaging and understandable. Along with grammar, it also helps reduce typos and provides real-time suggestions for clarity and sentence structure. 

#7 Sleep Timer

A good night’s sleep is extremely important to ensure that your productivity is up to par. There are many apps that keep you from having the right amount of sleep. This is true, especially with media apps like your music player or Netflix. Sleep timer help you set a timer for these apps. All you have to do is select the app you want to put a timer on and start the timer. The app will close itself the moment your time is up. It will either close the app or mute the audio altogether. 

High Productivity Is The Ultimate Secret To Success

Productivity is extremely important to become successful in anything you do. However, the phones we have are the greatest sources of disturbance and cause us to lose focus. For this reason, we have listed some of the best productivity powerhouse apps you can use to ensure that you are always productive and use your time efficiently. We hope you liked the blog. Feel free to comment and let us know which topic you want us to cover next.

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