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Be On The LOOKOUT For Data Backup & Malware Protection

“With more than 200 million downloads, Lookout has over 155 patents and an analysis of over 100 million applications.”

Looking over the shoulder won’t help improve the digital footprint; however, Lookout can. Where cyber fraud rolled out as a genuine threat in 2022, Lookout mobile security app became a saviour for all. This all-in-one mobile security application offers protection against identity and device theft. 

Lookout is here to redefine cybersecurity with its predictive security, meaning it can eliminate threats before they can cause any actual harm. This subscription-based application can keep personal information on phones and tablets private. 

“Where the cyber threat is increasing, mobile devices alone account for more than 60% of digital fraud.” 

The reason being a mobile security application is of utmost importance. “Lookout” can look out for threats that users don’t even know to exist. One of the vastly downloaded applications in 2022, Lookout secures the data on mobile and, in turn, the user’s life. The application offers the world’s most advanced mobile security and is developed to send alerts whenever a Wi-Fi network one joins under attack or is dangerous. The application can also be a privacy advisor, where all the personal information, including location, contacts, and messages, is kept private.

It gives the user the command to allow which application uses the data stored on the device. Lookout app for android is a one-of-its-kind mobile security and antivirus application compatible with all android devices. Unlike other security applications in the market, Lookout can actually protect finances along with the device itself. 

Lookout features three primary components; security and privacy, identity protection and missing devices. All these services can be subscribed, where essential, premium, and premium plus are three plans available. All the plans have different features, as shown in the chart; 

Security And Privacy

Lookout mobile security app
Lookout mobile security app


Identity Protection

Lookout mobile security app


Missing Device

Lookout mobile security app


Where the world is threatened by the dark web, Lookout is rising as a shield against it. Featuring safe browsing, system advisor, and breach reporting, Lookout has an easy-to-use interface. The application can be ideal for instant security from viruses and threats. Along with protection, the application is also known to feature white-glove identity restoration reporting. Simply put, users can access ID restoration experts via phone 24 x 7. Not just personal, Lookout has proven to be a robust security application for corporate data as well. With breach reports, one can get timely alerts on corporate breaches along with simple instructions that guide one to take ideal action. 

The features are not limited to protection against identity theft; Lookout also provides protection against device theft. In simple words, it can pinpoint the exact location of a mobile or tablet (in case it’s lost) and make an alarming sound, even when the device is silent. 

Lookout Features: 

  • Privacy Advisor 
  • Safe Wi-Fi 
  • System Advisor 
  • Breach Report 
  • White-glove identity restoration report 
  • Locate & Scream 
  • Signal Flare 
  • Lock And Wipe 
  • Theft Protection 

Lookout mobile security application boasts advanced security, ensuring full-proof protection against all cyber threats, including malware attacks. The most stunning feature of the application is its seamless compatibility with both Android and iOS devices. Lookout is available on both Google Play Store and Apple Store.  

Shipra Prajapati
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