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Mobilla Stereo Earphones Review: Comfortable Handsfree 

Are you looking for budget-friendly earphones? Mobilla Stereo earphones are one that you can get in the market. Considering their gaining popularity, we have decided to review the earphones and share our experiences with you to help in your buying decision. So take a look at the full Mobilla Stereo Earphones review!

Wired Earphones For Better Mobility

Whether you are a music enthusiast or have to take more than an average call, Mobilla Stereo earphones are the right pick for you. This handsfree comes with 10 metres wire with an in-built mic and a control button. The wire of the earphone is soft and durable, so you can use it roughly anywhere in the travelling without worrying about wear and tear. Its powerful 9 mm driver delivers feel-it-in-your-bones bass response and sound.

This is not all; Mobilla Stereo earphones feature a 3.5 mm jack, which helps in easier connection with Android, laptops, games, TVs, etc. Apart from this, these earphones are feather-light, making them comfortable all day. You can easily walk, run, travel, and perform workouts wearing these earphones, and they won’t feel heavy and uncomfortable. The best thing about this earphone is the silicon earbuds, allowing you to wear them throughout the day. Also, an in-line microphone with universal remote control lets you manage your calls without taking your phone out of the pocket.¬†

The earphone is best in sound quality; you can expect crystal clear and loud audio, which you can not find in any other earpiece at this price point. The handsfree also supports noise cancellation for a better experience. With this, there is no doubt that Mobolla Stereo earphones are ideal for making your everyday music and calls journey more appealing.

Product Description


Brand  Mobilla 
Model Stereo 
Colour  Black 
Type  Earphones 
Headphone Type  In-ear
Connectivity  Wired 
Compatibility  Android
Price (India) Rs.159

Product Details

Microphone  Yes 
Cord Length 1.2 metres
Driver Size 10 mm
Connector Type  3.5 mm jack
Body Type  Plastic and Rubber 
Noise Cancellation  Yes 

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Mobilla Stereo Earphones Prices

Finding an earphone with luxury features is challenging, but Mobilla Stereo makes your dreams come true. Now you can think of premium sound quality and luxury in one earpiece at just ‚āĻ159. Unbelievable? Give it a try!

Key Features

  • High-quality body
  • Crystal clear audio
  • Best fitted to the ear
  • Wired¬†
  • Comes with microphone
  • Comfortable

So if you require a premium earphone that best fits your pocket and bag, halt your search at Mobilla Stereo earphones- an all-in-one solution accessory with impressive design & packaging.

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