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Learn How To Install Worldbox Mod APK | Top Features

Worldbox mod apk is the file extension of the renowned and loved sandbox game, Worldbox- Sandbox God Simulator. It was first released in 2012 by Maxime Karpenko, an indie game developer. The game allows multiple features like creating your own world and a number of magical creatures. But, it also gives the users the power to destroy the world, based on selected parameters.

Worldbox is not just any sandbox game, it is the best of its kind. We will discuss its features later in the post, but first, learn how to install worldbox mod apk extension on your device.

Game Worldbox- Sandbox God Simulator
Publisher Maxim Karpenko
MOD Features Unlocked Everything
Category Simulation, Sandbox, Casual, Stylized, Pixelated, Offline
Mode Single Player Video Game
Version 0.14.5
Size 55 MB
Compatibility with  5.0+
Platforms Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Mac operating systems
Price Free To Play 

How to install it?

Installing Wordbox-Sandbox God Simulator is easy and you can enjoy the game within a few minutes. You can easily download the game from Google Play Store. However, if you do not find the game or the version is not upgraded on the play store, you can simply use the Worldbox mod apk file. Read the steps below and install the extension:

  1. Download the apk extension from a legal website.
  2. After the downloading is completed, open the extension file in the file manager, on your mobile phone.
  3. Now simply install the Worldbox mod apk extension on our phone. (In case you have never installed an apk extension before, your phone would ask for several permissions, allow them all).
  4. After the file extension is successfully installed on your mobile phone, you can enjoy the updated version of the Worldbox-Sandbox God Simulator anytime, offline.

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Worldbox has earned a wide fan base throughout the world due to its remarkable features. After installing the worldbox mod apk, you would be showered with a number of elements and a consuming gaming experience. 

Create a new world

Worldbox is a sandbox game that gives life to users’ imagination and creativity. You will be given free rein to choose the land size, number of islands, level of oceans and presence of life in the game. In short, the users are the owner and creators of the world, where they design the face of the planet, select the depth of water bodies and thus, bend the game to your will. 

You are basically a god in the game and after installing the worldbox mod apk file to your mobile phone, you’ll feel why.

Rich arsenal

Worldbox grants you, not just creating abilities, but also an arsenal full of both fictional and natural phenomena. As mentioned earlier, you are the sole god in the game and you can send atom bombs and acid rain to your subjects or can create whole new worms to destroy the world. The power lies in your hand, be the angel and devil of your will, and you can watch people fight all the natural calamities and animals you let loose.

Don’t worry, you will not feel a lack of subjects, as they continually develop and increase their technology levels.

Range of tools and powers for creativity

Install the worldbox mod apk file and feel the power throb in your fingers. It grants a variety of tools and power to the users, which makes them destroyers and creators. You can use natural disasters in the Force of Mass Destruction section to regulate the country’s interaction. Additionally, you have the power to populate the lands with all kinds of living creatures, from humans to unicorns.

Graphics and audio

After installing the worldbox mod apk extension, you would find that this game is a 2-D sandbox game. There is not really much to talk about in this section. Worldbox is a pixel game with several functions and high compatibility with almost any device, which is the best part about the game.  

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Worldbox is literally a world inside the box. This game has no traditional winner and loser. You can simply create life, watch it prosper or destroy it. 

So, what do you feel about it? Share your thoughts below!

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