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Best 6 Hidden Object Games For A Detector-like Feeling

Gaming and childhood walk hand in hand. However, with the improvement of technology, games are now advanced and people of all ages now enjoy them. So what’s your favourite kind? Does the rush of speed suit you better or the brain cells’ engagement is your thing? If it’s the latter, this post about the ‘hidden object games’ will surely leave you happy and content by the end. 

The team Smartphone Crunch has hunted the lands of wide options to bring you with most interesting and brain-wrecking hidden object games. So, if you have never tried your hands on hidden object games before, this is a sign. Download the below-mentioned games for a detective-like feeling.

What are hidden object games?

The hidden object games are also famous as hidden pictures or hidden object puzzles where you seek clues to find the item. These are the puzzle video game genre, where players’ task is to find hidden items on a list that are deeply hidden in the background. These hidden object games like Smithsonian hidden objects are very intriguing and demand your 100% attention. 

These are the options for some amazing hidden object puzzles for adults: 

Seeker’s Note: Hidden Mystery

Seeker’s Note is an exciting game which takes you to multiple breathtaking events like Ice Cream For Yet Event and Bloom Festival Event. Here, you have to find the objects from the surrounding space and the Darkwood Cup is yours. 


  • Amazing graphics, picturesque locations and detailed characters
  • Over 10800 exciting quests
  • There are over 1510 amazing collections to be assembled
  • It allows hidden object games for free download 

Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure

Hidden City is among the best-hidden object games which take you to brain-wrecking locations where you have to indulge in brain riddles and puzzles to find the hidden items. You will seek hints and clues that will ultimately take you to your target. This is an adventure game which will sweep you off your feet and lend you to another world.


  • 6000 quests to complete
  • Can piece together 931 collections
  • Battle monsters in mini-games
  • 65 locations where you can meet different characters 

Mystery Of The Ancients: Mud Water Creek

Mystery Of The Ancients also comes on the list of the best-hidden object games which capture the players with its storyline and splendid realistic graphics. This, find the item game will take you through the lanes of marshes and take them to the town before it’s late. If playing hero has been your fantasy, this game will surely suffice your dreams.


  • Amazing sound and audio quality
  • Challenging levels
  • A captivating game 
  • New and different storyline

The Secret Society: Find The Hidden Objects Puzzles Mystery 

If you have not played The Secret Society, the feel of real hidden object puzzles for adults is lost to you. It’s a hunting game where you are a member of the secret society and your uncle’s whereabouts are unknown. You have to hunt the locations in this find the item game before it’s too late for him. 


  • Amazing graphics and updated scenes
  • Hidden power event
  • Offers over 50 quests
  • Collect tokens like Avatar, a Fairy Garden Talisman, etc

Around The World In Eighty Days: The Challenge

Around The World In Eighty Days might become one of your favourite hidden object games. This game is set up on a theme that you would travel around the globe, from different and drastic locations like Bombay in India to London in the United Kingdom in 80 days. Sound’s intriguing right? This, find the item game itself is more captivating with its amazing graphics and nerve-wracking riddles.


  • Amazing parallax graphics
  • Incredible settings like Bombay, Calcutta, London, Hong Kong, etc
  • Incredible visual and audio quality
  • Give you the feeling of real-world exploration

Family Mysteries: Poisonous Promises

Published by Artifex Mundi, Family Mysteries is among the hidden object puzzles for adults which are filled with debauchery, violence and a lot of drama. You will lend into the world of debauched elites, enchanting females and corrupted officials; a place where power runs all. The storyline itself makes the hearts of the players stutter. So what are you waiting for?


  • A breathtaking crime story
  • Over 30 mini-games
  • Amazing storyline


We know, it is really hard to choose your favourite game out of all these amazing hidden object games. But we will wait for you in the comment section to know your favourite. 

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