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Learn “How to Fix a Slow iPad” With this Simple Guide

Are you struggling with a slow iPad? Don’t suffer more – learn how to fix a slow iPad and speed up the performance while gaming or binge-watching.

Today, iPads are the most necessary device. They are portable, convenient to use, and packed with high technology that helps to perform any task from anywhere and anytime. Generally, iPads have a longer life, however, over time, you may experience slowness in their speed due to overburden. Undoubtedly, there is nothing more frustrating than using a slow iPad as it hampers your work. Slow iPad speed is not a major issue and can’t be easily fixed as managing your iPad is completely in your hand. The speed of the device depends on how you use your iPad. You just need to know the basic things, and you are all set to use a nicely working iPad. 

Here is the list of top tips that we have created on “how to fix a slow iPad” after our personal experience. You should also try these tips if your iPad is really working slow. 

1. Clear the cache

Whenever you browse something on the internet, the information saves in your web browser folder that occupies the space. When the folder overflows, it slows down your device. Hence, you need to clear the cache occasionally. It will speed up your iPad and allow you to access it hassle-free. 

2. Restart the iPad

If ‘how to speed up my iPad’ is what you’re struggling with, restarting it is an excellent step you can take. Restarting an iPad flushes out the temporary memory, recently used apps relaxes the operating system, and gives it a fresh start. This is how to fix a slow iPad in just one simple step. 

3. Update iPadOS

Technology keeps updating every day without letting you know. If you’re struggling with slow iPad performance, it might be possible there is a new version of software waiting to get updated. By doing this, you will use the most recent version of your operating system and the latest security that speeds up your iPad. 

4. Check Your Wi-Fi Connection

If restarting and updating your iPad doesn’t improve the performance, it may be a network connection issue that is slowing down your iPad. If Wi-Fi is something that runs fine, run an internet speed test. If there is an issue with your internet network, boost up your internet range. This is one effective solution to your question – “how to speed up my iPad”.

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5. Clear Background Apps 

Even when you quit the apps, they continue to run in the background. While still running in the background, they eat up the space and may affect the speed of your iPad. You should always clear recently used app’s history from your iPad to use the device hassle-free. If “how to fix a slow iPad” you keep on searching every time, start doing this after every use of your iPad.   

6. Delete Apps You No Longer Use

Apps eat up a huge space in your device. If your iPad is working slow, your device might be keeping heavy apps in your iPad that you don’t even use. Making room on the device can improve the performance. Go through all installed apps on your device and delete those that are no longer in your use. This simple process you should do occasionally to keep your iPad running smoothly. 

7. Stop Automatic App Updates

When your iPad is connected to Wi-Fi, the apps get started updating automatically anytime without asking for permission. This may slow the speed of your iPad and troubles you in internet surfing or browning. Turn off the Automatic update from Settings. This will stop automatic installing, and instead lets you choose to download and install on your terms. 

Slow working iPad troubles most when most of the tasks have been done through this single device. Meanwhile “How to fix a slow iPad” is something that every user searches for. These tips will help you speed up your iPad in a short time. Some tips such as restarting your iPad or clearing recently used apps you can do frequently and others, for instance, updating iOS, deleting no longer used apps can be done occasionally. This will help to run your iPad smoothly and maintain its speed. 


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