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Pixel 8a Launched: The Phone Has 8 Awesome AI Features

The latest A-series smartphone from Google, the Pixel 8a, is now available in the market. This impressive device is packed with AI features like Best Take, Magic Editor, Night Sight, and Gemini and is priced at a competitive Rs 52,999. It also includes Super res Zoom and Audio Magic Eraser, enhancing the user experience. The Pixel 8a was launched in the Indian mobile market on 7 May 2024. This phone is powered by Google Tensor G3 Soc, the same chipset that works on Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. 

All the AI-Features of Pixel 8a:

Pixel 8 Pro is the latest smartphone in the Pixel 8 series and is budget-friendly. Below are the features this phone has for users.

Best Editor:

The Best Take feature, launched in Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, customises group images. It considers multiple shots and allows users to select the best expression according to their preferences. The smartphone provides a series of multiple expressions from which users can choose and get a perfect picture. 

Magic Editor:

Magic Editor allows users to reposition, resize subjects and presets to make the background more attractive. After this Google’s AI fills the gaps that appear from repositioning. However, users must back up the photo before using this feature.

Super Res Zoom:

Pixel 8a provides Super Res Zoom up to 8x. Mechanical algorithms contribute to this feature and provide users with clear photos and videos.

Audio Magic Eraser:

Audio Magic Eraser allows users to extract the noise of wind, crowd, etc., from audio and videos, providing a clear and crispy sound effect.

Night Sight:

Pixel 8a’s Night Sight uses AI to reduce noise and enhances photos by filling them with light, capturing perfect pictures in the dark.

Photo Unblur:

Most people check photo quality when buying a smartphone. The Photo Unblur feature is for those users and allows sharpening photos to make them clearer. Also, Pixel 8a  uses real tone to accurately show the user’s skin tone in videos or pictures.  


Gemini is Google’s in-built AI assistant, available in Pixel 8a. It helps users with regular tasks like talking or typing.

A budget-friendly phone with amazing features for users, Google’s Pixel 8a is definitely worth purchasing and is available in stores now.

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