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Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition: Breathing Life Into The “James Bond Phone”

Honeytraps aren’t the only thing the Indian military personnel needs to be aware of; cyber traps are a new threat!  In an article, India Today revealed that Earth Karkaddan started attacking government personnel and the Indian military by leveraging the Android spinoff of a favoured Windows malware. The hacker group is infamous for targeting the Indian military in the past as well. 

Disguised as government documents, CapraRAT is a new Android trojan that replays the data on the mobile device from a target device back to hackers. 

The incident leads to raising concerns for cyber mobile security. In fact, in March 2022 the SSB also warned the troop from storing data on their mobile devices. Considering the vitality of data security over mobile devices and in line with the success of the Galaxy S9 Tactical Edition, Samsung launched another smartphone named Galaxy S20 Tactical edition for the military personnel. The device is built to be “mission-ready” for the operators in the field. 

Samsung claims that this new launch is a massive leap forward in the reign of tactical mobility

Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition is tested in special operations and is a one-of-its-kind user end device for mission planning, training, operation and everyday use. The device is available with a complete operating system and critical vulnerability patches. Galaxy S20 owns the potential to achieve objectives set in a tough or “military” environment. 

Security And Performance

Galaxy S20 is interoperable, meaning it can be easily connected with tactical radios, mission systems, and other communication devices. According to the makers, the phone is built for a multi-domain environment. S20 Tactical Edition is equipped with pre-configured software which can support radios, laser range finders, drone feeds, external GPS, and other mission vital devices.  

Military personnel are often in situations when decision-making needs to be spontaneous, but mission data sharing is a key factor. With standard mobile devices, sharing mission-critical data across complex terrains is not possible; however, Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition makes this possible. With a 64-bit Octa-core processor, the device supports mission applications on the field and can use enterprise applications everywhere else to compute tactical power. 

Unlike regular mobile devices, Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition is protected with DualDAR and Knox Security. While the DualDAR protects the device with two encryptions (inner and outer), even when the phone is switched off, the Knox security will give the users a secure and trusted platform for video, audio and data communication and sharing. DualDAR also enables confident storage for users to protect even top-secret data.


Display – 6.20-inch 

Processor – Samsung Exynos 990

Front Camera- 10MP

Rear Camera – 12MP + 64MP + 12MP

RAM – 12GB

Internal Storage – 128GB

Battery – 4000 mAh


Display – 7

Performance – 8 

Security – 9

Battery – 7.5

Processor – 8 

Out of 10 – 7.9

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