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Zombie Run- Adrenaline-Pumping Surviving Game

An Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse game backed by Novelist Naomi Alderman- The Guardian

It’s time to join the most-anticipated storyline of the Zombie apocalypse theme. Zombie Run uses Augmented Reality(AR) to provide a full-immersed, real-time background with a storyline of “Survival of the Fittest.” Recently, Zombie Run announced the launch of ZRX, a new home for Zombie, Run, and Marvel Move.

With this update, players can participate in missions as per their current season, upgrade their armoury level, and customise the recruitment stall. Many players are confused regarding ZRX, an app similar to Zombie Run with advanced features. It is the redesigned version released by the company in its biggest updates ever.

Zombie Run puts a player in a jaw-dropping adventure with a crisp and engaging storyline. It is suitable for players of age +12 years old and spun towards a fitness genre of fitness app. It uses various IoT technologies to offer immersive gameplay that looks realistic. With a clear message of Run, Hide, And Survive- Zombie Run promotes the survival of fitness with its various missions.

A brand new chase with dynamic audio is the feature that made it a high-quality, thrilling Zombie game in recent years. With the gaming industry boom, Six to Start, a company that developed Zombie Run, takes a unique initiative to make people fit by introducing AR Zombie Adventures.

Zombie Run received mixed reviews as a running and innovative audio adventure game. However, it successfully promotes the idea by leveraging IoT technologies to create a virtual Zombie-themed audio interactive gameplay that urges players to get in shape.

The game was originally released in the first quarter of 2012 and was improved with further updates. In the latest update, Six to Start allows players to use the ZRX app to enhance the gaming experience and track the goals, missions, and armoury more conveniently.

Zombie Run currently has over 1 Million downloads on Google PlayStore with more than 25 thousand customer reviews. Talking about the gameplay of the Zombie Run, the game starts during the Zombie Apocalypse with an audio adventure. In this, a player assumes the role of Zombie survivalist in which they have to run with their smartphones and headphones.

During the run, a player needs to collect items essential for their community’s survival. The resources collected during the run will be shared between the members where there is a high need. With time, more content is unlocked, and the player has to pass the required missions. The integral gameplay of the Zombie Run is its running missions, which are part of its adventure-survival storyline. 

Since the game is based on the fitness genre app, it smartly tracks the running metric in which the company uses AI-based technology to calculate the total distance covered and calories burned. Zombie Run can be played anywhere and anytime compared to the different survival games. Players can run or even walk on its pre-selected route and stop playing whenever they want.

Unlike other interactive games, Zombie Run promotes more than surviving. It taps into the other sources of strategic thinking, cooperation, curiosity, and epic world-saving. This game stands out from the others by encouraging running, exercising, and challenging to uncover the causes of the Zombie Apocalypse.

“More than merely running from zombies, players are challenged to uncover the causes of the apocalypse.”- Naomi Alderman, co-creator of Zombie Run.

Zombie Run is available on both PlayStore and AppStore and has an overall 4.5 rating. The size of the game may vary for Android and iOS users. It has over 10 million runners and 1 million players, making Zombie Run one of the biggest smartphone fitness games ever.

Once the Zombie Run application is downloaded, a player is welcomed with a brief loading screen along with a series of slides that present the Zombie Run storyline. A player can read the slides by scrolling them to the right. A player can start the game as a guest or sign up with preferred mediums like Google Play Service, Gmail ID, or social media profile.

From here, a player is presented with an option to begin its first run. The title on the screen is “Get Ready To Run.” Zombie Run will take the player through the mission overview, including chases, tracking(through GPS), duration, and Zombie theme music. Once this is done, a player can proceed with the first mission.

UK game development company Six to Start has a great ambition for its eccentric fitness game, Zombie Run. As per the article in The Guardian, the game has made more than millions in sales since its latest update. Zombie Run earned good revenue from app purchases in a mobile gaming industry where game developers leveraged IoT technologies to create real-time industry-leading gaming. 

However, the game is now free-to-play with its first four-story mission included. For an additional mission, the player has to wait for a week. For Zombie game lovers, this game brings immersive gameplay while promoting fitness. Many such examples of games utilise IoT and AI-based technology to enhance the gaming experience.

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