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Tiny Sphere: 360-Degree Grand Sound

For music fans who have prodigiously invested in the Apple ecosystem, the HomePod Mini by Apple is undeniably a smart inclusion to the home. HomePod Mini is a resurrection of HomePod, which Apple discontinued two years ago. The second-generation HomePod resembles the original one with some subtle designs, twists, and new IoT features, including temperature, humidity sensors, spatial audio support, and smart home protocol that have been integrated to elevate the music experience. 

Launched on 16 November 2020, HomePod Mini became the talk of the town, outperforming its competitors, Amazon Echo and Google Home. Powered by Apple’s Siri digital assistant, this small spherical speaker is unique in its ability to control music, get weather updates, check schedules, and control smart lights. Apple’s HomePod Mini is a next-level speaker that is here to amplify the music experience of all music lovers. 

Display & Design

Apple is renowned for its stylish designs catering to modern and elite users. HomePod Mini, 3.3 inches tall, too, outperforms with its small, compact, and sleek finish. The LED touch panel on top of the speaker adds a bit of flair. The lack of a physical microphone off/on switch can be a downside for some people, but this shouldn’t be the deciding factor not to buy it. 

Special Attributes 

Boasting a lot of Apple-exclusive features, HomePod Mini allows you to have a sublime music experience. Unique features like Handoff allow users to start playing music on their iPhone and continue on HomePod Mini and AirPlay2, which allows you to play and control multiple audio speakers throughout the home.  

360-Degree Audio 

When compared with Amazon Echo and Google Nest Mini, it was found that HomePod Mini has better sound quality. Though all three speakers deliver decent sound, the HomePod Mini has a rich, fuller sound, making the music more enjoyable to listen to. The speaker emits 360-degree sound around it, making sound pretty good from all angles. Apple has packed a full-range driver and dual passive bass radiators into the little sphere. 

Privacy & Security

Apple is paramount when it comes to privacy and security, and the HomePod Mini is the clear winner. This mini sphere uses on-device learning to understand your preferences and keep users’ data safe. All the communication is encrypted, and anonymous IDs protect the identity, which ensures that the conversation is always secure. In fact, nothing is sent to Apple servers until HomePod Mini recognises ‘Hey Siri.’ 

Battery Life & Charging

As a nifty addition to a high-tech home, the HomePod Mini features a 10,000mAh battery that allows you to listen to music at 50% of volume for about 10 hours. Its standby time is 24 hours, and takes 4 hours to charge the device fully. With this rechargeable battery, take the HomePod Mini anywhere to enjoy the seamless music anytime. 

Fits Everywhere 

Bundled up in a perfectly seamless mesh fabric, the HomePod Mini is an eye-captivating addition to one’s home. Ohh! Its backlit touch surface on the top will ensure swift and seamless control. Whether travelling or arranging a party at home or office, this mini sphere will fit anywhere to enhance your music experience. 


HomePod Mini is a great addition to people who are already enriched in the Apple ecosystem. As an absolute favourite piece of technology, the HomePod Mini is a complete package of audio brilliance. Available at a decent price of Rs. 9,999, HomePod Mini is a trusted assistant that can play favourite music seamlessly. People well-versed in the Apple ecosystem can try their hands on this speaker and make it an indispensable part of their home. 


Display- 4.5

Privacy – 4.5

Design- 4

Battery- 4.5

Performance- 4.5


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