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boAt Xtend vs Amazfit Pop 2: Battle of Smart Watch On Budget

The Indian smart wearable device market grew at a CAGR of 20.91% and saw ever-growing demand for smartwatches. Various brands like boAt, AmazeFit, Apple, Noise meticulously target consumers’ health and sleep tracking requirements and infuse IoT and AI-based features. In the budget-friendly smartwatches segment, boAt And Amazfit launched their smartwatches named boAt Xtend and Amazfit Pop 2.

Both brands are making a splash in the market and competing with each other based on features, specifications, and pricing. boAt Xtend and Amazfit Pop 2 come in affordable price ranges and are considered value for money. In this comparison, we will evaluate these smartwatches based on different metrics and ratings.

Key Features of boAt Xtend SmartWatch

Alexa Voice Assistant

boAt Xtend smartwatch has a built-in Alexa voice assistant that sets the alarm, reads messages, sets reminders, and checks the weather seamlessly.

Automatic Screen Brightness

With an automatic screen brightness, the screen brightness of the smartwatch adjusts automatically per the time zone set on the app.

Bigger Square Display

It has a 1.69-inch (4.29 cm) square display with a responsive touch interface. A round dial provides a complete capacitive touch experience.

Real-time Monitoring

boAt Xtend equipped supports real-time health monitoring via SpO2, automatic heart rate monitoring, comprehensive sleep analysis, and stress monitoring.

14 Active Sports Modes

Users get 14 active sports modes in boAt Xtend with an advanced tracking feature for different sports activities. It is easier for users to track the daily fitness progress with a few taps.

Key Features of Amazfit Pop 2

Bluetooth 5.2

Amazfit Pop 2 supports Bluetooth 5.2, allowing it to connect with smartphones and other devices for data-sharing seamlessly.

100+ Sports Modes

With 100+ sports modes, users can track their health activities like heartbeat and oxygen level during different sports activities.

IP68 Water Resistant

This smartwatch has an IP68 water-resistant body that protects the watch from water and other liquids while providing an uninterrupted health and fitness tracking experience.

Voice Assistant

An in-built voice assistant in Amazfit Pop 2 allows users to control various functions like reading notifications, messages, and attending calls without touch.

Supports Zepp Active App

Amazfit Pop 2 connects and syncs all the health data from the Zepp Active App. With this, users can access smartwatch face store and fitness data on the smart devices. 


boAt Xtend has 300 mAh that lasts up to 7 days with regular usage. With a single-charge cycle, users can expect non-stop performance up to 4-5 days with heavy usage. Amazfit Pro 2 has a lithium battery of 320 mAh that gives a backup of 10 days with normal usage. Both of these smartwatches take 1.5-2 hours to get fully charged while there is a difference in battery life which makes Amazfit Pop 2 a better option.

boAt Xtend: 75%

Amazfit Pop 2:  85%


Both smartwatches feature a large display to give users more space on the dial. boAt Xtend comes with an LCD display of 1.69 inches that has a responsive touch interface whereas, Amazfit features an ultra-large 1.78-inch HD AMOLED display. Users get a larger screen area on Amazfit Pop 2 smartwatch to use the feature and interact with the fitness tracking apps conveniently which makes it better than boAt Xtend.

boAt Xtend: 70%

Amazfit Pop 2: 82%

Body & Design

boAt Xtend and Amazfit Pop 2 have a metallic body and silicone strap. The design of both these watches is eye-pleasing and features a square-shaped body. The Amazfit Pop 2 smartwatch has a stainless steel button, while in boAt Xtend, there is a round dial at the side. An esthetic and stylish design with a durable body of these smartwatches sets a new standard.

boAT Xtend: 50%

Amazfit: 50%

Operating System Support

Driven by the advanced features, Amazfit offers seamless compatibility with Android and iOS, whereas boAt Xtend also supports Android. Both smartwatches easily support the latest version of Android 13 and connect with various devices. Users can sync and transfer health and fitness data from the watch to the smartphone hassle-free.

boAt Xtend: 67%

Amazfit Pop 2: 90%


Talking about the boAt Xtend pricing compared to its features, the smartwatch is available for Rs 3,499 on boAt’s official website and perfect for people who need smartwatch below the price range of Rs 4,000. On the other hand, Amazfit Pop 2 is available for Rs 3,999 on Amazfit’s official website and offers better value for money with iOS compatibility and bigger screen size. 

boAt Xtend: 79%

Amazfit Pop 2: 70%


boAt Xtend and Amazfit Pop 2 are budget-friendly smartwatches offering advanced features. Whether it’s a large display or a voice assistant, both brands tried to add every possible feature while considering an overall design. In various aspects, Amazfit Pop 2 leaves boAt Xtend behind and gives seamless compatibility with iOS as well as Android. Considering the features per the price point, Amazefit might be your top choice. However, boAt has an extra edge in terms of design and overall look.


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