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World’s First Gesture Controlled Smartwatch

World’s First Gesture Controlled Smartwatch 

Modern Solution For Modern Life 

Changing  TV channels or music, simply messaging someone or making a call just in a snap of fingers seems like a scene of a sci-fi movie. MadGaze is here to convert this dream into reality. WatchOut, a wearable brand that amazed consumers by appearing at Shark Tank India, Season 2, Episode 2, is once again in the limelight for its IoT-enabled smartwatch – MadGaze. Launched at a super early bird price of just INR 15,999, this ultra-intuitive gesture control smartwatch radiates a magnetic charm that draws people in.  

The Brand: WatchOut Wearables 

An Indian technology company, WatchOut Wearables, believes that an amalgamation of sophisticated technology and attractive designs can give gadgets a new dimension. The company aims to deliver high-end technology products at a reasonable price with a vision of “Technology In Every Hand.” 

Founded in 2018 by Abhisek Baheti, WatchOut is a leader in the space of Gen-Z and Millennials wearables and has taken wearables to a whole new level via Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, 4G Calling, GPS Tracking, Gesture Control, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to develop innovative and unparalleled wearable products. 

WatchOut Wearables Presents MadGaze

About MadGaze Smartwatch 

MadGaze is an AI & IoT-enabled smartwatch designed and assembled in India. This smartwatch rises above the typical tech watch with tons of advanced features, from a surprisingly loud speaker to bone conduction gesture control. The smartwatch is based on the Mad Gaze smartwatch from Taiwan, WatchOut said. What catches the attention of people is its Nano-Sim Slot, which makes calling an easy task. For those who want to facilitate their daily activities – MadGaze is a must-buy smartwatch. 

Appearance At Shark Tank India Season 2, Episode 2

Abhishek Baheti got funding from Vineeta Singh And Anupam Mittal. They both invested Rs. 1 Crore for 10% Equity and Rs. 1 Crore debt at 15% interest. 

Design & Display 

The smartwatch boasts a 1.39-inch circular display with a 400×400 pixel resolution. The display is suitably bright and casts no issue while being used outdoors. The built-in speaker is also surprisingly loud and emits a clear voice. On the right side, there is a pair of large, soft, clicky buttons that are used to control the interface (although the touchscreen is what you will use the most). The design is simple, keeping Gen-Z and Millennials in mind. The round face with a large polished bezel offers protection. You will forget you’re wearing this smartwatch as it weighs 72g. 

Built-In App

For instant contacts and location sharing, MadGaze comes with a built-in app – Walkie-talkie. Now, no more missed calls from your family, friends, or loved ones, as the app makes connecting with people easy by staying on top of social posts and messages when it’s time to catch up. Get together with your favourite group instantly with the ModGaze smartwatch. 

Performance &  Software 

Powered by a quad-core 1.25 GHz processor paired with 1GB RAM and 16GB internal storage, MadGaze enables users to store photos, videos, and documents in a mini storage box on their wrist. It runs Android 7.1, enhancing users’ experience with advanced features. MadGaze is a powered-packed device that gives users a sublime experience.

Battery Life & Charging 

To beat the dominating brands like Apple and boAt, WatchOut empowered its smartwatch MadGaze with a 620mAh battery. It claims to deliver 90 hours of standby time and 48 hours of working time. Coming to the charger, the watch uses a proprietary charger, which latches on the back magnetically, making it a little fiddly. 

Cutting-edge Attributes 

  • Fitness Tracker
  • Built-in GPS Tracking
  • 10+ Sports Modes
  • 33 Gestures Control 
  • 9-axis Gyro and Acceleration Sensor 
  • Advanced Intelligent Algorithm 
  • Advanced Motion Sensing 

Control Your Digital World 


Integrated with next-gen attributes, MadGaze is a jack-of-all-trades for all smartwatch lovers. Letting users control digital lives with simple hand, wrist, and finger gestures to trigger photos, music, apps, calls, and messages, the smartwatch adds convenience and speed to daily tasks, saving your time and energy. After analysing this product on every necessary parameter, MadGaze undoubtedly stands as a ‘smart choice’ for modern people. Uncompromised in quality and features, it is an irresistible purchase to stay ahead of time. 


Display- 4.5

Processor- 4.5

Design- 4

Battery- 4.5

Performance- 4.5


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